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synth: freenode/#eggheads is like put the bang at the top of the config and make it executable
why dont they do that

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i mostly think its tastier

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thats not a bad idea i was about to coffee
i did iced tea with last of white tea other day

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yeah ive used hex inverter, cap, resistor and pot to do one shots
pot to adjust pulse

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no i want to wait until i get decent hosting
shawn|i7-: audio
or digital UI
yeah, put one end on vcc, other on gnd, wiper to uC ADC
and now your microcontroller has more knob
15k works for damn near anything
its not so low that itll load down high output impedance circuits, and not so high that it will pick up interference because no current

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k cronshits is working
synth: fuckin eggdrop mfkrs
in cron script comments its like PUT THE BOT CONFIG FILE HERE
then in the script after some checks its like OK LETS START THE BOT
so if you do like botscript="eggdrop bot.conf" it works
double checked, it asks for config filename, theyre just assholes

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i dunno
02:02:38 up 17:00, 3 users, load average: 0.18, 0.12, 0.04

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stm32f4 discovery
if you want cheaper than that, and thats prob under 20, you can get stm32f030 boards for $3 on ebay
and a programmer for like $2
i have to test my $2 programmer

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rab: its a boob and an arm

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