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im not into the furry boots face speared in vics blowing a fucking wistle on the dancefloor types
*smeared in vics

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ha, people with something wrong
timecop, you listen to hhc
its like you, and really drunk girls in furry boots in 1998

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mostly didnt wobble
and then mfkrs clownstep'd it
and got rich
luckily for dnb, most of the dnb producers made up new names before doing it
also, kids burning out on stepdub blew up trap
and trap is pretty cool, and its not BPM locked so bleeds into other genre, lots of cool glitchy breaks lately, i think because trap
trap is long decal kicks as melodic features, so is like babeh jungle
naw shit never dies
drum n bass been dying for like 20 years

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you dont know this song?
timecop you listen to happy hardcore
thats like saying you dont program in ascii
well, the good crap maybe
not hardcore, happy hardcore
if he listened to hardcore hed prob know every clash song ever
timecop you will hate this
ha they may have
thats mean, but yeah hardcore mostly died
at massives, no hardcore area
tho kind of had a comeback post stepdub
ron d core and that other dude doing lots of shows
hey old dub is awesome
and very early stepdub sounded like dub

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select face, start sketch, select perimeter of box, select tangency, set offset, hit reverse, hit construction geometry for offset feature
setting as construction geometry in separate step, does not crash
guys lets listen to the clash
maybe this doesnt suck
if it does they need to stop at music because ruined best ever song

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bud is the chassis people
iunno, they used to be!
i modeling a that
also the mechanical drawing doesnt match the picture
mech drawing says it has 12 screws not 8
shrug, cheaper for me, gotta get sexy replacement screws fuck that pc case looking shit
solidjerks student edition does FEA and thermal analysis so i <3 it
might do rendering to, but i think they broke that shit out into a 3rd party program so no idea
holy shit its repeatable
thats not cool
timecop: naw, some new shit

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