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guys what if i just plugged one end of thermocouple extension into mains live, and then shorted it through a graphite block to a mains neutral plate
maybe even with a resistor
like, i watched some vids on welding thermocouple with this expensive box
but the functional part of it just seems to be shorting twisted thermocouple into a little dent in a graphite block

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ccfl_man: amazon search for thermocouple amplifiers
modules with at least 4 diff ic

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do they need to be logged instantaneously?
i made something out of an AD chip
ive used a module based on some maxim shit
at work there was usually one of those hp data loggers that could do thermocouples

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ccfl_man: i just bought prerolled tc amps
because already do cold junction compensation

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oh damn, when i learned him about engine rev matching to save clutch life, i dont think i told him yeah you gotta do that same foot youre braking with

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good thing too because mechanic inspection newowner paid for found: bad valve cover gasket, bad water pump gasket, and the front end noise is either strut tower mount gasket ($350), or bushings so the a-arms get swapped ($850)
theme being all the rubber is going to shit but hey hes buying a 144k mile car, but for $350 or $850 this kid is going to have a pretty awesome handling hatch thing
holy shit @ this test driving
three times, made my clutch stink up the car
like, my car doesnt do that, wtf kid you better buy it now (he did)

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but its cooling down and the sun is gone because the sun is an asshole!
mid 70s tonight, perfect nights
only walked for maybe 45 minutes
so problemcar has newhome
and now rent is paid forever until later this year

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blackmoon: it happens faster than reg science because any long warp missions, you go back to labs and collect 500 science each
so you can get science from minmus while moving tourists, stop at mun because tourists are assholes they wanna go everywhere, get more science, land the mfkrs
so thats like 1000 science, and then you get 500 per labs because mission took so long
i had three labs, so 1500 science
plus tourists got $$$
like 4, its the heat + dehydration
07:10:55 < GSRI> renesis: Chico, CA :: Clear :: 102F/39C

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real valentina is like 100 years old and still a badass

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you cant build shit someplace else except for with claws and docks, right?
probably a mod
what version did girl kerbals happen?
maybe it is a prison colony
In 2013, she offered to go on a one-way trip to Mars if the opportunity arose.

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fuck landing a pod what fits in a pod
anyway the secret to all mcatastrophic disassembly issues is Z struts
i had to land a thing on minmus
so i j8st crash a sat into it with autoland
and hoped all the junk exloding would soften the impact for the mechjeb module
bounced real far, eventually just a cube sat thing with a mechjeb
you cant touch shit when autoland is doing its thing
you can poke warp and itll mostly undo it
yeah so 50% strategy, $ -> science, and labs in space with a little lander to fill them with science
tech tree filled before you even gotta land something bigger than a tourist on the moons
also those big wheels are much bigger than i thought

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right i dont use boosters for mun and minmus stuff
i have 4 of the big 4 nozzle rockets, maybe 3 tanks above each
linked, 8 * 3 fins
with a little service bay with a mechjeb
and bunch of big torque wheels and mono tanks and bunch of rcs shit
ha thats unfair!
but i prob do it
but right it costs $360k but i can usually recover it 95%+
just using autoland
its like gamling!
thats totally a quicksave fallout style grind
right so my thing i made, it lands 95%+ maybe 90% of the time
secret? turn off the fins
manually because wtf not a action group selectable thing
it doesnt understand we are going backwards
once i figured that out shit went much smoother
this round of play, ive landed entire stages since beginning of game

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well i cant go outside timecop i will melt

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i dont like auto ascent because of how i figured out to use translatron to keep from burning up / burning gas on ascent and circularize, before i unlocked auto ascent
its like, stupid autopilot i used you tools to make the rockit hit orbit in 3400, why cant you, USE THE TOOLS, THEY ARE YOUR TOOLS YOU ARE THE TOOLS omg
also the set a maenuever node at Ap and just burn shit is a waste
because you can set translatron to keep vert at 0m/s, and smart a.s.s. to pitch up enough, then when it starts burning you pitch down to keep throttle near but not at max
like, kerbal eng HUD time to Ap is stuck at 0.0s

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and duna mission is like a year out
i dunno what you mean
also i just figured out you can change the change of influence visualization
and that you dont even have to use it because you can focuse view on next planet/moon and just see the intercept path
also a lot of stuff mechjeb does is annoying now
like i leaned how to do stuff watching it do autopilot and combined that with the hard-way shit i was doing before, and now some shit it does seems stupid
or like, i dont wanna tweak the pid to keep it from burning monopropellant all the time doing nothing
also wtf @ why turning roll off fixes roll, but it works so thanks

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gotta try
shes not original?
valentina is my fav kerbal
ive loaded stale saves a couple times because she died
she does all the new exciting shit
yeah thats what i mostly do with jeb
i mean cmon, his fucking name is jeb
i have one pilot girl is like, all courage no stupid
and yeah i got like maybe 20+ kerbals i still havent hired any
i use mechjeb
literally the kerbals just sit there
right so why i need jeb
mechjeb is better
which is that?
i want to get the mapping mod
i maxed out the tech tree, its just barely asking me to mine shit

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right but but the button prompts happen *after*
like the game steered you into the rails
and if you dont hit the button to steer nack itll hit the edge
also right i think i saw him die
theres a few dead scenes already
shrug, they might be mode7'/ing the art
maybe not it doesnt scale into giant pix
the pans might just be fishbowled well, shrug
its crazy well done, it looks faked
im not sure it reacts except for points and deaths
pretty cool if there is a death scene for every thingle prompt
i think i just text lisped
ksp is annoying nothing happens
i think one time one swam back
died taking off from runway
then showed up in active again

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looks like those vhs light gun games
like, not really a game
blackmoon: this has got to be some rom hack or some cd based shit
like 10min of 16b cut scene
there you go
but right this is basically 80s/90s vhs games
where the same shit happened every time, and you got points based on if you hot the button at the right time
blackmoon: im not sure you dont just die for not doing the right button
like basically even the slides are pre-rendered
and if you dont correct, explosion

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rab: there are only 4 screws so you cant do next to >1 screw
and it is in a corner
so hopefully is fine
but drilling holes for more screws doesnt sounds too bad if that makes it better

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rab: its .04" aluminum
i might add the extra holes
not like i would use their ugly ass PC screw looking shit if i was going to sell this to anyone, anyway
can get button torx #6 sheet screws
well, can check if pulling out the IEC from the power entry module warps the panel

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datasheet has 6 holes
ah nevermind
it just leaves those dimensions blank for the smaller stuff
i would if its the drawing like that
and im looking at their dxf mech drawing
its a hole on centerline so i just assumed it was centered
tho theres no symmetry line in the drawing, so yeah not there
i dunno i dont remember the pdf
looks like it
E and K are missing

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heh, Art No
bud doesnt seem to
their drawings are okay
tho they dont seem to match the images as far as hardware count and position
shrug, is why you order the shit first for such things
rab: also is a stamped box

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draw.io is pretty neat for diagrams
if it can do a stamp and it has grids im cool with it

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