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haha @ daisy wheel printers
when i was like 8, the word processor we had that had a 4 line LCD that would chop out a sentence or two after you check it...
coolest shit ever

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sculptor: more time and prototyping money, i would have figured out some sort of spring loaded rotor arm design

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havent even looked at it since the presentation

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omg nevermind, the rivited flange isnt mounting the hdd rails
its hold a long tab on that side of the mount, two screws and shit falls out
i <3 this company, tho i wish i realized this like 5 years ago
i tore down the entire system so i wouldnt get metal shaving on anything while drilling out the rivets

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kevtris: yeah kinda
fuckin lian-li
mostly i <3 there shit, but this hdd mount is in the way
two screws on one flange, two rivets on the opposite flange
i bet its because they installed the FDD mount first, and it makes getting a decent size screw driver in there to do the second flange
so rivets from the outside
*to do the second flange difficult

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But when trying to explain how it really works, most physicists come up with a blank, point to the equation and mutter something about rotating frames of reference. It's not really our fault, we've only ever seen the equations and rotating frame explanations. This article will attempt to explain the basic workings of the Coriolis Effect in terms a non-physicist can understand.

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