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i saw vids for application specific box
power supply to clamp, clamp to one end of tc wire, twisted end into graphite block, graphite block on ground clamped plate
i dont have a that
a girl once tried to convince but i resisted

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yeah, guy at airgas is like about $300 for cylinders hoses and regs before you even get the torch on it
and welding thermocouples is immediate need
im like fuck thise im just going to short TC wire through a graphite block with aligator clips

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midget cylinder?

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one might be volume and other might be acetylene capacity
pretty sure theyre all filled with something to keep it from moving too much
cannot find keys

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oh shit i should walk to air gas and ask theyre a block away
ya sorry
can i get the little co2 tank torches online?
i havent seen that shit since the 90s
anyway brb
i think theyre in terminal clearance mode
their auto center closed down near me, sucks
they didnt charge to diagnose and they billed by what the computer says for labor times

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i listened to music on earbuds in the 90s, loud, i walked two hours a day getting to school in back music on my walkman the whole time
and then all of 2000s with canal buds
so like 20 years of that shit i can still hear past 16 khz
rab: ha neat
would be neat to try and filer the noise with some sort of variable acoustic device
maybe a sliding tube in a tube and some sort of rack and pinion thing
hey whats the smallest acetylene tank i can get?
like, a legit cylinder and not some co2 cart shit

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sculptor: so maybe they will have much better hearing because of protection from high impulse noises
like hammers and machinery
using a hammer without hearing protection is much worse for your hearing than wearing earbuds
the acoustic engineers would get pretty wtf when i would use tools without hearing protection
it really doesnt, if youre hammericing right your making super high impulse noises
or if you live next to a construction site
oh fuck nailfun is crazy
because impact plus loud white noise

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you wont be able to hear the swsh swsh swhsh on the cymbals
basically those curves say that most people would be pretty okay
as far as hearing
blackmoon: use an RTA and watch it
spectrograms are sex
sculptor: headphones have existed for decades
earbud sensitivity is very tiny compared to normal headphones
basically it scales, the same dangers existed before
in fact, because of better isolation, you dont need to drive earbuds are hard for the same dynamic range
did you google spectrogram? because thats what always shows up in the top images
on the right?

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pretty much
sculptor: earbuds okay so lets say loss is down 1/4
so 40dB
at 65, the average person can still hear out to 6000hz according to this
you hear on a log scale from 20 hz to 20 khz, you kind of bins shit like an RTA
so speaking musically, 5 khz to 20 khz is the upper 2 out of 10 full audio spectrum octaves
most voice stuff is like is under 5 khz, and the last octave is trash

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but in most you will
sony audio stuff is legit
its not always great but its usually not shit
it might be in some way
and 110W is not so much
what does it say on tha back by the plug
lots of class-d is single sided TH
yeah that sounds right
might be a bit more
your brain EQs it!
i wonder how much those etymotic hearing test setups are
its not bad bc comes with etymotic headphones
sculptor: hearing curves change with amplitude and head dimensions

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yeah because 2x the power through the amp
assuming same speaker impedance
whats a+b
and this is a speaker switchers or bunch of amps?
its a reciver but no one listens to radio, im guessing
'the receiver is dead' is kind of the no thing in hifi
so they cant call them that anymore
well those numbers are usually qualified in some way
theyre rewriting the spec for speaker testing
and amp testing is kind of standardized
well that maybe just means 6x 110W amps
even if the power supply cant do 660W, it means each channel has that much dynamic range
and since its audio, in a lot of cases youre not going to see max power for a given sample of music on all channels

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