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sculptor: BUT MY CART!
thats like my bom yo

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mcmaster decided i was a bot because designing something by cross referencing standard hardware on their site
fuck me
Your access will be restored in 1 hour.
mcmaster is straight up like GO TAKE A BREAK

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fuck management
but that is where the money is
ya neat

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its almost gone
i have mixed feelings

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also a lot of switcher ICs are pretty generic
like, theyre controlled by a pair of comparators or similar, and how you wires those up determines performance and protection
so switcher peripheral circuits can get pretty funky
but also there are ones like, built in every, stick some transistors and transformer and caps and done
nixie tubes look bad
vfd ftw
fuck red w/ shitty fonts!
this winco generic mild roast coffee taste like something in between wet tobbaco and carmel ashtray

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jero32: depends on the switching supply
a lot dont even have feedback from the transformer output
and on multi rail supplies that do trac output, its usually just on one rail
its like linear vregs, theres a range of functionality
from zeners on the base of a bjt transistor to mosfet based LDOs

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they have ER spring collects which are fucking awesome as far as alignment and rigidity and clamping diameter range
but you cant quick tool change because you cant really get a consistent Z, maybe with shank collars but i wouldnt trust those much

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acrylic and aluminum have the same problem (melting into the tool flues) and acrylic is worse
well, its more about machining than computers really
you can teach a kid who can figure out a 3 acis coordinate system gcode
it is but its messier
and setup for each job is more difficult
you learn a lot of super practical shit doing setups
the end result isnt even comparable
d0gzpaw: a minimill?
it says $700/month and my credit just turned to shit
dunno what the one in the gif is
a haas will do that tho
probably almost everyone racing haas in f1 has been using their mills since forever
and its not even about the machine rigidity as much as it is productivity
it has a tool changer
taigs dont even have cnc tool holders

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d0gzpaw: that doesnt look sped up
thats just what a heavy cnc machining center will do to aluminum with carbide tooling
i want a haas minimill
what like small like a taig or small like a minimill
a minimill is bigger than a honda
20:58:54 <+renesis> what like small like a taig or small like a minimill
20:59:01 <+renesis> a minimill is bigger than a honda
ok like a taig
a taig will not do that with aluminum
but itll max out its feed rate on aluminum
so it doesnt do acrylic any faster

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