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i dont think you can do very many million hashes per second
that prob dont even do 2+2 the same 100% of the time

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and then i guess you hire a guy like dx to fix all the issues

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nico had a funny story about QA fallout spiking in a south american factory
or maybe central american, dont remember
but it turned out someone changed the zoom on the inspection microscope
i think he had to go there to figure that out

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jero32: QA isnt
china - QA = youre not going to be a business in a few years
its a great way to make yourself attractive for VC money
get into china CM, get in over your head
dx^: 5x as fast, qa catches 2x more problems and costs 20% more
bean counters see that as a win
well thats what ends up happening
you end up having guys live in china
and babysit lines
and scout subvendors
you did that to yourself man

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'shall crimp 14-24 awg terminals'
'shall work at least okay'
when you use a $15 one and then use a $400 you know why theyre different
the results are mostly the same but everything about the $400 ones scream 30 year tool life
like, no play in the mechanisms, completely smooth action, crazy sharpy clicks, all the edges are deburred nice because the initial stamp wasnt shit
$400 is when you figure out a customer return was because a faston went resistive and burnt up
so one of the solutions is buy the $400 crimper, send to factory, make sure they use it
try not to forgot that its your crimper
last 15 years, a lot of them dont use coil springs in little bores
they use leaf spring held by the handles which misalign and fall out
the riveted leaf springs are nice but theyre more rare than coil springs
yeah coil ones are the long term buy

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Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery
i was like wtf, and then i realized works means factory
theyre saying they adjust them after production before delivery. ive never seen ex-factory used in marketing, its a CM customer term
love the 3 star comment 'it just works okay'
its a $16 version of a $400 crimper, just works okay was probably the product design requirement

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its only 98F today!
d0gzpaw: no i dont think so
its all sunny against my blinds
im not going outside to check

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15:37:11 <@Rab> THE_GFR|W, ever taken a look at the Wi-Fi(tm) Alliance, The worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi(r)? And noticed that the Wi-Fi trademark doesn't actually mean anything, or have any defined pronunciation?
it means wireless fidelity, because marketing
it doesnt mean anything, so typical marketing
so you can call it weefee and laugh about it with trademark lawyers but society has decided youre wrong because marketing is the strongest force

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