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prob not a lot of cars on roads out in the middle of nowhere

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freedom cows

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wtf is scrub cow
wtf feral cows are a thing?

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someone should really test the cars vs kids on pogo sticks
adults are expendable
naw they cant sign waivers without adults
they smell too

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meow-purr: right but all those things tend to have relatively slow changes in trajectory, and are usually continuous trajectories
with bouncing you would have to deal with predicting previous and next bounces and non continuous trajectories, like when it changes direction instantly
like if it hasnt seen 1000 videos of kangaroos bouncing it maybe thinks its going to fly off into space instead of into the front of the car
man wed crash into all the things
cilvilization ruined in a couple weeks

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i wonder if theyre just too fast
that doesnt seem like a good thing
im laughing if they cant process bouncing

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omg mean-grrr
so theyre trying to see the kangaroos coming?
you would think if its in the way it wouldnt have to recognize what it is, just that its in the way

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will likely blackout, but most likely because you spent most of that time actually sleeping
some of that time sleep walking
too much melatonin feels kind of the same
shrooms is pretty similar
shrooms is like 100x marijuanas but you dont get as sleepy

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bad people happen
usually because bad things
sometimes just unlucky
you gotta do two marijuanas, and then two more
anyway, karma + reincarnation means you can do good things you whole life and only have bad things happen to you
inverse is also true
buddism is mostly about be good anyway, until you get into specific sects and the specific goofy shit they worship
i think GNAA died
most people seem to talk about it in the past tense
it would if you could do it without falling asleep
vape or eat it
anyway you just get stuck on the edge of dreaming
sometimes you cant fall asleep because to busy being wtf

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pretty sure
and yeah guy i just sold my car to had same last name
'so, youre a jew?'
'my moms not a jew'
'ooooh, yeah well...'
ill still ban you for being an ass
but right when your mom is mexican catholic and dad is eastern european jew, you kind of stop taking religion seriously
at some point you realize 'wait, these are the same fucking stories'
buddhist if anything
and only because i think their sneaky trick is a more positive one
karma means the exact opposite of what most people think it does
a little
i dont believe in the devil

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challah and manischewitz wine, mfkrs
fuck that sounds good, actually
22:34:36 <@renesis> honestly, truly, a jew dont care who you are or where youre from as long as youre down with jews
thats doesnt mean some jews wont look down on you but they look down on everyone so its not really a discrimination thing

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honestly, truly, a jew dont care who you are or where youre from as long as youre down with jews
oh brisket
also challah is some junkie shit
in my family, we didnt wait until midnight to open xmas presents, we didnt wait until shabbat to eat all the challah

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like when i went to italian deli in chatsworth with other hacker and ordered tortellinis, i got a 'whats up with this guy' vibe
out of coffee
gonna have to kill tea stash from synth

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fuck gefelte fish and lox
the best hash browns
+onions and eggs
i cant really think of jew meat dishes that are like, traditional
im not sure jew deli counts
like italian deli and italian are diff things
like italian from an italian deli usually kinda sucks, but its italian so still better than average lunch
its like italian from a pizza place is kind of a gamble

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toast before cutting?
because the outside gets crispy but it kind of steams itself inside
its close to how they are fresh
if you catch them in time, you can get them chewy outside steamy inside
if you toast the day olds after cutting you basically just get a very good bread
also i wouldnt mind some matzo
matzo brei and matzo pizza are ++nom jew foods
jews are good at carbs

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i want bagels
do you have a shortage of bagel shops or something?
i feel bad for people who think supermarket bagel is a bagel
no rab
place downtown does like $1 for 1/3 and 1/2 doezen next day bagels
you toast without cutting them first and theyre pretty much same as fresh

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rab: i believe yes
it might have been glossy paper and mylar
through the mylar it looked like normal silicon!

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rab: ive accidentally ordered that stuff its annoying
like, 4 types of silicone pads, and some shit that rips apart like pizza dough
did you lose anything?

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