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exgf texted out of nowhere like DO YOU NEEDS FOODS and i pretty much told her to go away
should text back tomorrow like if she buys weed from me i can go buy my own damn food
this time i dont have a car so she gotta drive 100 miles to me

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we would just have a lot of random fires and mini tunguskas instead

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kevtris: i kind of think the gas use issue will fix itself once everything else is cheaper
its getting to the point where oil companies are looking into alternative energy tech, its prob only got like a decade of real profit left
if a battery breakthrough happens gas is fucked

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every car should be a regenerating turbo before every car should be electric
hybrid shit makes sense
sculptor: i wonder if that guy wonders why no one wants his mixing valves
bmw made a car, no one cared

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anyway, racing probably emits as much carbon as zoos
well they cant be now
because they suck and people need shit that works
try again in 10 years
being expensive as fuck doesnt help
they need to figure out some safe ultra efficienct battery chem
then they need to make them safe to swap out in seconds
a lot of capacity kills efficiency vs just have modular battery that swap in
people cant be waiting hours for their car to charge in the middle of nowhere
and what if you run out of power?
not like you can walk to a electricity station and fill up your electrcity can
not like the tow truck has batteries, and it probably doesnt want to sit there for like 45 minutes while you charge
so now you need a whole new fucking slice of service industry
have to retrain *all* the mechanics

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03:41:43 <@renesis> we need to build a gas station in space
03:43:16 < efexx> we need to stop using gas.
03:44:40 <@renesis> heh, they will go faster with electric power and racing will be awesome once batteries are developed enough to quick change
this was the subject, and then you turned it into a teslas are the fastest argument
and youre being fundamentalist
because i think electric cars are kind of shit still, you think im a climate change denier
and then when i noted that youre not calling for a total ban on beef
i posted a source which states that agriculture is not nearly as polluting as some say, but almost exactly as polluting as transportation
and then you said im gaslighting you
well, to be gas lighting you, i would have to be putting forward some notion that you are crazy
i havent done that
and if its about petroleum burning why is it not about cows too
i wouldnt say fixes the problem
it helps the situation, but aint shit gonna fix this
that would work

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china also knows thats where the money is
shit breaks, needs to be trashed, etc
anyway, if you dont think gasoline is okay at race tracks, i dont understand why you are okay with car farms
cow farms
That’s significantly less than half of global GHG emissions, yet even the lowest estimate (14 percent) is still neck and neck with WRI’s estimated emissions for the transportation sector (13.5 percent).

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we need oil for plastics anyway
batteries are heavy as fuck
so besides being toxic as a mfkr, theyre a waste of energy to move
you know whats gonna suck about electric race cars?
they wont get lighter as they use up fuel
everything causes polution
gasoline was a solution to polution
batteries are going to turn the ground into shit with randomo chemicals, and they will come up with something new to solve that issue
wonder how much carbon gets used up to make a tesla
almost the whole car is made of pretroleum based plastics
producing and moving them does
also we dont know how they will degrade over time
is this part of the solution to the current problem? yes ofc
will it have its own problems? it is a thing, so yes

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i think humans are the cause, i think we should make major efforts to reduce emissions across the board, especially in agriculture, and i think electric cars are likely inevitable
but theyre pretty shitty now
maybe in 10 years theyll be an option for real people
meanwhile, gasoline is one of the most efficienct containers of energy ever
yeah well people vote for guns and transgender rights and dont care about gas lobbyist money
so its likely not going to change course quickly
and i think very major efforts should be made into surviving a climate change catastrophe
because all the real mfkrs ive seen talking about this shit *know* its too late
right smoking isnt a big deal compared to this
and smoking took few decades to turn around
and theyre still making mad money
in any case, oil isnt the problem
greed is
its about mfkrs who dont give a shit about anyone except their own

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tesla is pretty shit in terms of real performance
im not trying impress my friends at a bar in san jose
Volkswagen Golf GTI DSG MK5
Vauxhall Corsa VXR
Ford Focus ST
Honda Civic Type-R
these are cars doing the ring in the same amount of time as the tesla
well look you wanted to talk about tesla as a sports car
its not because not a coupe but whatever, even vs GT cars its a loser
its in the hot hatch territory
yeah they stopped making the sports car
i dont think they have plans on entering formula e
so even in the electric car development realm, i dont think theyre contributing as much as they could be
anyway i dont see anyway trying to ban beef
why dont you go murder a few hundred thousands cows
make a difference in the world

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people who care about credible specs for comparing cars
not if you cant change batteries in 5 minutes
wtf does that have to do with car specs
2.26s is kind of a bullshit spec
it is but its not that fast and prob cant compete on a track with other GT cars for very long
i dont care about drag racing much, is my point
shrug its an alpha romeo
thats a spec that matters
tesla is doing just under 9 minutes on the ring
im a car enthusiast
and i welcome electric cars for sport that dont suck

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we need to build a gas station in space
but cars
heh, they will go faster with electric power and racing will be awesome once batteries are developed enough to quick change
but gas stations at race tracks should always be a thing
not on tap and not many times
and the range is silly

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thats why i was like wtf

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but, traction control will make wheelies easier
they should have been like no dorifto please
theyre calling axle tramp a wheelie
so like, we all wheelie ever speed bump

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eck0: ha neat i didnt know they let you ride up front
things are rather predictable
i mean that managing things is predictable vs managing people
not managing people is predictable
eck0: wtfuuuuuuuuuuu

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shrug, no diff
not on a choppa
how many rides before the initial FUCK YAAAAAAA wore off?
sculptor managing the things
have they weened you off actually being hand-on useful?

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this is my main box so kind of want shit to work on the software side
mining box has two 1060s, running now, havent touched driver yet
yeah i maybe do linux on the mining box
i cant on my main box
also stats dont show up in claymore
for the one card
it maybe just needs to be initialized one time with a monitor
i could but i dont do remote shit on windows
i noticed, but his bot is setting limits so fuckit hes operating

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eck0: fuck, amd card not showing up because no screen attached
like, its mining, but amd driver panel is like fuck off attach something, and its mostly dimmed out in msi afterburner
i have a 1060 and a r9 280x in this box, monitor attached to 1060, radeon settings like 'please attach a monitor'
no bitch i dont want to
i guess because first card
ha, ty i was about to google for that
neat its resistors, not some microcontroller comm bullshit
yeah but i maybe have to destroy a cable =(
have enough resistors to make something work on that side of things
worst case i have to do a series/parallel mess but i prob got 75r somewhere, just gotta read a lot of color bands =\
maybe but that will be much much harder to find than the resistors

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how do you get yolks that small
i didnt see clerks until a few years ago, heh

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