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plumbers flux

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or i save $20
this place got better lead time
hes almost done!
is that like plumbers flux?
oh god

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the pcb isnt on the outside that would scrape
timecop: i might get red with yellow silk
cant help it and its exposed pcb type of thing
little grass fire pcbs
is he doing 1 off kapton stencils cut by hand?
timecop: k so its same price, special options red mask yellow silk from allpcb, standard black mask white silk pcbway
pcbway doesnt have yellow silk

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oh nice 6 mil space trace default
pcbway is 8
kapton nomnomnomnomnomn
holy shit i unclicked lead free shit got even cheaper
$.43/board shipped
oh nice they have a HK post option
d0gzpaw: fuck rohs euro kids needs to stop eating the PCBs
sats be falling out space onto more european kids than die from lead

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or theyre all trying to backdoor some work
you would think you pay less
black mask is more
but its still but cheaper than the other place
but fuck black fridge is empty i cant think like this
my last two bacons are gone
the caps are very ugly
but it like the busses
i think its retarded that the default wire width is .01 and the default pin width is .006
so you gotta change that right away
yeah im guess im over eagle

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and then
is this shenzen shit or what
no im just curious i dunno maybe it is koreans or something
or some shit out in the boonies like whats that place
season sun still emails sometimes
and i opened it, the shit is blinking at me like some xddc shit in mirc
hey is this same factory or what?
same website
i wondow who stole whose buttons
omg i can get red mask yellow silk
its more but i can get it
other place is like white and black
someone else from ourpcb mailed last year
maybe early this year
its like these guys all spread out and started their own fabs?

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so those caps?
the plates are thick as fuck and square ended its so fucking ugly
then the us caps with the blown downward bottom plate are all normal lines
also i gotta flip the opamps, + on top 4lyf
*see those
im probably going to do new project in dicktrace
dicktrace to flatcam was pretty cool
timecop: where are you going to send me to quote to get a 100 tiny boards cheaper than pcbway

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these mfkrs probably still work there there might even be newer drivers for this shit theyre not dead theyre on it
and its like $3 on the amazon and the ebay
mfkrs be putting usb-a male instead of usb-B or a cable like, bitch no you buy the wire we dont buy the wire
2102 is already too small give my a giant ogre module pls

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when did i say prolific?
that driver is 1000 years old pretty sure that company is as dead as really dead shit
none of my prolific dongles seem to work for shit anymore
half the time at work the prolific shit would just have a bad day for no reason
like fuck you today we arent uarting today pl2123 is on break
check it out theyre like this hot new shit (relatively speaking) is already obsoleted by us on the same footprint
Revision 1.7 to Revision 1.8
January 20, 2017

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d0gzpaw: complicated
i have mine set to 20w preheat with like 20s preheat delay, reg burns are 12w
i need a diff atty so i can do bigger coils to do temp regulation
this one kind of sucks but is big hunk of machined stainless so it isnt every going to die

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yes that has shit PSRR

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i would just strip one end of the jumpers and solder to the pads on the calipers
if y, you live in a neat city

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theyre cheap chinese calipers, so yes?
the big grip slides off for battery, the little grip slides off and theres pads to solder wires to i think
i guess there is a cable
i think its uart, no?
$3 will change it to usb

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