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hey beating hookers isnt cool
thats why we cant have hookers
im with you on doing drugs and improv
maybe free improv should be legal

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rab: my surprise over your surprise aside, bottom drills might be needed for blind vias

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burny: how would you find that out from images and descriptions of the product on the internet
if measurements exist that will tell you a lot but mostly you have to just go by lots of reviews

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sculptor: behringher is not as bad as their reputation, or as bad as they used to be, but theyre rarely great
they were the first to use chinese factories, and their repuation is based on that. they own their own asian factories now so arguably theyre one of the few companies doing it right, in terms of output quality
ule behringer wanteds to make recording gear available for people who normally couldnt afford it
it may be, its a european company pretty sure
asian factories designed a lot of their gear buy cloning competitive gear
in some cased, using competitive tooling for the plastic injection molds and using stolen pcb designs
ule's stated goal is that its for poor recording artists and techs, tho
so shrug

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tube preamps are ok
sculptor: modern studio monitor speaker means active crossovers, biamplifier, so 4 amps for a pair
nothing between the amps and drivers
what you linked is one of the most expensive in a lower class of speakers
plus a behringer

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sculptor: its behringer
like, at best they will be pretty okay
but they will probably be high value
they might be semi active
sculptor: i wouldnt get those
theyre not biamps
one of the speakers is a passive speaker, and the amps for both are in one along with that speakers passive crossover. no active crossovers
thats bad
those are just pc speakers
theyre passive crossover, this is 60s/70s tech
you settle with a response, you dont tune it
just no burny

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everything else 50-100 is semi-active pairs
no not really biamps w/ active xovers
timecop: wat dat
no it means theyre selling them as studio monitors
those are +/- 2dB
timecop: how many money

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cheapest monitor speakers are going to perform better than home and in wall that cost like 5-10x
well when youre like 2ft from them yeah
he didnt say white noise
sculptor: for the money, a lot of monitors off axis will perform better than comparable priced home stuff on-axis

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im with the girl on this one
i just bought 5+5+15 watt 2.1 logitechs
more than nearfiel levels, and theyre like RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARWRARARWR but with no midrange its not a nice vibe
get monitor speakers

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