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ctrl, alt and delete on the steering wheel
ctrl and alt could be paddles and delete could be where horn is

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tiny screwless toolmakers vise
mine is all giant on my mill
and if im not careful it will crash into my z ways instead of go under it like the matrix plate stuff
the column is the blue thing in back and the z ways is the vertical steel thing attached to it, to get full Y range, your fixtures and work have to go under that

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want two

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because it was expensive to build, is expensive to operate, i believe its business model is based on local government subsidies that arent such a sure thing, and there are only a few races a year that have enough status to draw the crowds it needs to make money
and when it does, almost everyone living in the city gets pissed, also it floods bad in the rain
F1 tracks need to be huge per FIA specs, because of track safety and spectator capacity
but participation under bernie was super expensive for the track, and really theyre built for one race a year
deals bernie made, especially longer contracts they have to honor, is something new owners are trying to deal with
hopefully gets better, cheaper for tracks, more american races, more fan access
alonso at indy and his interaction with fans was kind of a big deal in F1 news

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rab: ya F1 racetracks are no bullshit
i think most likely they will do more street races in america, its maybe less intrusive than building race tracks
and who knows how much longer cota lasts
like, famous european race tracks been falling off the calendar
if monza is taken off the calandar i will write an angry letter
i hope they do long beach instead of vegas
people shouldnt live or go to vegas this is not a region for people

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like, if you sent them a mirrored drill file my guess is itd be fabbed correct with drills lined up with mask and copper, dice roll on whether they tell you about it
and if someone like me wants to drill while doing bottom for whatever reason, shit is already included in CAM exporter in every EDA thing ive used

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rab: okay right because can drill from either side when not glued together
but point is its a normal per layer export thing, and you can always mirror that shit
in my experience, fab places will accept just about anything for the non-gerber files
like, for outline dimensions, gerber, dxf, and pdf have worked, pretty sure one place i sent one of those weird gerber drill files instead of the excellon format shit
still worked

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