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timecop: :(
and yeah if you going to make more than a handfull of cables, having a CM do it prob a smart move

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she def smoked the pot
its a been a long time

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tubaman--: i have a hippie raiki-weilding vegan friend girl
tho she's pro gun ownership and agrees with me on a lot of gender and sexuality issue arguments being silly
so like, kind of normal southern californian

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also http://www.themuseatdreyfoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/woodward-and-bernstein-young.jpg
look like hippies to me
so youre saying it was like the civil war
and race was just a side issue
some hippies gotta office job
okay well youre argument is based on that, and that just doesnt seem right
shrug, in the 70s regular joe young americans were half hippies

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i just dont agree with you
because i think youre turning your opinion about hippies into some sort of indisputable fact
i did say you were racists
i said the people hippies opposed in most instances were
i dont think unanimously is correct

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i think it was fucking and music, actually
picking and choosing
look i dont know a ton of hippy types counting on fusion for solve everything
most hippie types i know tend to do more in terms of recycling and energy conservation than anyone else i know
well because you chose to say hippies were counter to rationalists
hippies were counter to racists on the other side of the civil rights movement
so youre saying those people are rationalist
most of these 'rationalists' were religious and used religion as justification for their behavior
i think youre pulling the 80% number out of your ass

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06:39:49 < UglyTrapM> the culture they were being counter to was one that was rationalist...
maybe you meant racist
hippies were part of the civil rights movement
youre claiming that the civil rights movement fought rationalists
not for everyone
08:10:47 <@renesis> 06:39:49 < UglyTrapM> the culture they were being counter to was one that was rationalist...

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uglytrapm: the right wishes
alex jones is basically fox news without investor board meetings
sure man
you go ahead and believe that
and that fox news is something typical
and considering you are defending fox news, its kind of hard to believe that you're center
just sayin
not really if youre using typical fox viewer talking points
maybe you would feel comfortable in a channel about politics

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plot twist: many of the people in power were probably hippies at some point
macegr: free for all with shrinking map?
this is not cheap
damn and its not done
at $30 for a beta test, prob not gonna happen

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prob just geeky ones
and because fun to build thing and launch them to outer space!

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cars are for the rick fucks

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can do the V/I sensor stuff to get the coil resistance and figure out temps like that

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sounds like a job for a temp logger
run on 1, 2, 3, 4 batteries until temp stabilizes
load it with i dunno what
okay do with one and hope is linear

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hmm i dont think automotive heatsinks are a thing yet
so imagine like in 20 years when fins on cars come back, but as heatsink elements for the batteries and motors
how hot does this thing get?
like, before the manufacturer is like fuck you
do you have data for it or is it found shit?
macegr stole an electric bus

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in your position i would go with that number, maybe cut in half again, youve got akll your calculations fucked up in the right direction so far
maybe go with a parallel system
get something looks decent, but cheap, kinda small and convenient to mount
use as many as works, return the rest, or order more
hot water heater
someone gonna use up all the hot water and the motor gonna overheat
just a passive thing?

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well, my car is like 150, most civics tend to be less
make sure its for a big civic
damn i dont have a car
i wonder if that kid burned the clutch out yet
i think thats engine not rear wheel
so while normally bullshit its prob what you want to use for this
its more
i dont no if its a lot more ors its just silly more, but its definitely way more
and your math is 50% efficiency
which is probably a mercedes hybrid F1 car
anyway, i think its a bad assumption that the radiator is dissipating all or even a majority of the heat
because a ton is getting out through the exhaust, and theres also convection across the drivetrain
which is prob not very significant
the convection, but i think the exhaust gas is huge, maybe the majority

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prob fine, i would still trust parts from racing supermarket more
dude they have so much stuff there has to be something that works
plus they will have fitting and hoses and brackets
and you can probably call them on the phone and get help
did the amazon one?
and i was going to say, if you can figure out what you need in terms of dissipation, summit has something that will work
because racecars
isnt engine efficiency pretty shit?
like, closer to a psu than speaker, but not great
wiki says 25-50% [citation needed]
heh, it depends
60 to 200, probably across its life span
but call it 100

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sounds like a trip to vatozone
im guessing a honda radiator can do almost an order of magnitude more than you need
have you checked summit?
why not just use a radiator?
they have 13000 of them
like, they prob have intercoolers you could hold in the palm of your hand

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