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heh, tunguska 2 averted

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oh shit i think i left the monopod in the volvo
once you finish a wall projects like these are cake

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looks like hdmi input cards and usb things are like $10q0
so its like kind of clunky compared to something that does exactly what you want
but a pc plus a hdmi capture card plus a decent audio interface with spdif (so another $100-200), and you can get all that shit mixed to stereo monitors, 2.1
id have to look into 5.1/7.1 stuff
you should probably be looking into 3d sound
like atmos, if youre spending money now and dont want to for awhile
nyt is probably better at this
he hangs out in #a/v (kinda dead) here and #redditaudio on freenode

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oh nice
wraith killed the other crontab entry
sculptor: whats your source?
a pc?
what kind of outputs?
yeah so with a mixer you prob still need bunch of converters

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ya what did happen

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jero32: you ever have nightmares about math?
omg yes

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not so much money in rap anymore
modern hiphop overlaps even more with electronic music now, so production is cheap

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yeah but most shit its pretty overkill
traditional studio and live sound setups are too much $$$ now
gear rental is prob where the money is
like, bunch of bigger shows in LA seems like diff people with same gear

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heh, i could figure out why people let me walk around venues before and after shows for years, but i think because always with the blank black shirt
they thought i was staff from some other contractor
oh, well yeah we learned that trick at raves, you just walk around like you fuckin own the place
not like being an ass, but like you have more right to be there than the person looking at you
yeah i dunno famous people arent so famous, the music i listen to
like, out on the patio drinking beer and 2/3 of people dunno who the fuck they are
yup, flakey customers, high maintenance, sometimes just dumb
is not an easy business to get into and mostly sounds like it sucks
yeah fuck that, too many cheap digital mixers to bring real shit to shows
even that behringer x32 shit is pretty decent

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like if you dont love that shit you picked the wrong job
because whole business is gear and gear is $$$ and kind of made to be moved quickly
someone runs away with two handfull of cable crate and youre out few hundred
and thats like, that cheapest thing that can happen to you

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tubaman-: if youve been at a venue with unbranded sound, probably jbl
and you cant really china factory custom install stuff
harmon is huge but their staff has a lot of turnover in most divisions, so final product quality is random
not sure if that samsung buyout thing went through
looks like yes
yeah the customers are flakey, from what i hear
stage rigging seems pretty nuts

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16:14:06 <+TubaMan-> nice. jbl always had good stuff
jbl is a coin toss on most things except non entry level pro audio and studio monitors
anyway, JBL monitors are fine compared to probably anything home audio for similar prices

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