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joellama: also /msg botnick addhost <password> <hostmask>
so you can update your hostmask

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canadia is not dystopian enough for bridge soup
thug life pence ftw

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/msg Mazda787B pass <password>
/dcc chat Mazda787B
<enter password>
.kickban <nick>
ive been testing a 12 bot wraith net hosted on a bunch of diff servers, if youre that worried i can work on that config a bit more and bring them into the channel
is it like bridge soup where you just keep adding more computers to the same stock youve been simmering for years?

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if we're worried about a max secure channel we shouldnt be auto-opping
i honestly dont think its a big deal
if you want to ban them, ban them
if you need some legit reason, theyre possibly impersonating former channel bots
which bots
so youre asking to make the bans stick?
theyre just bots dude its ok
which bots are undoing them?
right because you have to set them sticky in the bots
right youre host is on those unless it changed so you can probably set the ban yourself

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i regret not using more relocation money for camping
was like, almost a month at motel 6, weekend of car camping at gaviota, and weekend at charlie chaplin themed montecito inn
yeah fucked
its never an exploit, big media hack shit

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theyre not doing anything
im guessing they use plastic pads?
or maybe its just current feedback on motors
yeah but that would change as you wind down the spool
motor torque wouldnt
or i guess it would
no not if you drive the bobbin
then its just weird because a pickup is not a circular bobbin
i dont think the spec was a torque i think it was a load
you could drag feed the spool and monitor bobbin motor torque and regulate average torque
but thats probably not what they do

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i could just use my fingers, burn a permanent magnet wire guide into thumb and forefinger

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i can def make bridge with shit lying around
its be aluminum but fuckit, aluminum got a tone, i can rock that
should prob just ebay some pickup instead of trying to do 3k turns of magnet wire
end up wrapping myself around my spindle
and its such a little spindle it probably wouldnt even kill me, just hurt bad
slice off my fingers monofilament style
except probably it would just squeeze them and theyd pop or itd just strip everything off my bone, that would hurt more too
i guess i could use a little motor
i wonder how they set tension

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the cure and the bestie boys make me regret selling latina j bass's bridge and pickups
heh, bestie boys

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i need a toggle clamp
i think tomorrow is a zipcar day

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in games ive used them but i havent had an extra button mouse in awhile
would be awesome for ksp
shrug, you split earlier i think

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anything 'fitted' like that is a dice roll
i get their absolute cheapest optical mouse and keyboard kit when i need one
like, they redo the shell every few years, but shape is same
i rarely use the extra buttons besides side scroll

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your wrists okay?
i kind of want one of those wrist pad mouse pads, i dont like the way my wrist rests on the edge of the desk when mousing, only botheres me every couple years or so but cant be a good habit
i have amazon basics mouse is basically clone of cheap logitech
like, as long as cheap mouse has logitech ambidextrous shape, im good
even the little logitech wireless mice are ok
microsoft and random branch shit feels so wrong in my grip
its not the hard edges either because hardcore gamining mice feel fine, its just shit ergonomics
oh, yeah that mouse looks weird

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they have latency
the normal latency isnt bad, its fine for games
but if you dont touch for awhile, i think it power saves, big latency in that case when you use it again
its a good product, but i really, rewally like their wired thumb ball
cheapest new is $180
which is actually cheap, year or two ago they were all above $200

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thumb ball?
fuck i dunno what happened to my logitech wireless thumb ball
kind of pissed they stopped selling the wired one

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sounds itchy!
oh weird @ super glue
i wonder if they are still using some sort of CA
ha nice
and thats what CA was originally developed for
i didnt know if they still used it

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what did you do?
oh damn
do you have to take supplements?
is that crappy? i dunno what that is
right i know you need thyroid for a lot of regulation stuff, it works and not bad side effects?
yeah but thats temp

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heh, swedes
i learned a lot of the lunix from a bunch of lundish irc swedes
no problem, bacon is superior
school meat lab sells cottage bacon, its like bacon in ham circle shape
perfect sandwich bacon
i think its actually shoulder meat not belly
i wouldnt mind some pork chops, i dont think ive had any in a decade

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i think ive been in cars for like 12 years, i still feel like the FNG
i havent been on the internets that long
i didnt have a computer until i was like 21
which was like 2001
i had an atari 7800 and a NES
i played ET yo

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i dont think #bearcave is gayer than #cars

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but i do <3 mazda, and i thought their Rotary gENESIS explanation was funny around when i picked an alt nick that ended up sticking
also ironic that they thought of the last productionn rotary as a 'genesis'
who knew that port the apex seals slide over that they ended up moving to the peanut chamber sidewall would end up making the apex seal stripping issue worse
aw, i wouldnt go as far as calling the rx8 gay
the miata is arguably much more gay, and its a better sports car if not the best sports car

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fuckit, ill wait for the parts to get here, try one with a full size drill and see if pads line up
100 setups sounds a lot less shitty than 200
prob looks like ass
dicktrace, loltrace
yes, nick is taken from the worst 13b
only used in a car i never liked

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yeah file saved without dummy drill and reopened works
so likely this is my reward for doing a board with mount holes and no other drills/vias
new pcb with same part works
fucking trash

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fuck this
no it just decided to work
seems like sort of data initialization fuckup to me
no circle copper? MUST NOT BE ANY DRILLS YO

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it doesnt even seem to be linked to min annular ring size
and when i change the dummy drill size to zero annular ring, it still exports now
aaaand now it works normal without the extra drill
yeah now it works

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yup, its the annular ring
if i set the extra hole to same dimensions, they do show up in preview (weird, the original pattern holes dont) but nothing exports
so right, classic dicktrace
thinks too hard, and fails
fucking spend three hours drilling boards now
whole point of fucking paying money was to avoid this
that just sounds like a great way to scrap a bunch of boards for reason i cant think of yet
so the workaround i guess is a dummy hole outside the board area and asking fab house to ignore it

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i should be able to do zero annular ring for a mount hole and it should just put the hole
fuckin $60 wasted
thanks dicktrace
least eagle could export pcb without fucking up
eagle just puts the drill because this how can you export gerbers but not do an NC drill file correct
okay fuck dicktrace this is a bug
if i do the extra pcb hole (not pattern hole), do 0.1 hole 0.2 outer, *ALL* the drills export to file
the info is in the pattern, diptrace ignores it

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i added a random mount drill to the pcb
and the pattern drills showed up along with it in the preview
remove mount drills, and pattern drills disappear
added a 0.0 hole, 0.0 outer mount hole, now export only shows the tool and mount holes for the pattern
doesnt show the 0.0 drill
still exports nothing
rab: the fab didnt get anything its not the fabs fault
theres no drill locations in the drill file
even with the drills showing up in preview, its not exporting them

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yeah its not in the exports at all, so i guess diptrace removed the ring
hole diameter: .128, outer diamater: .13 in the pattern
i didnt care
its a plastic mounting barb
i dont even know how to make unplated drills, i assume you just make the hole and outer the same and live with the THP
im just kind of like wtf i cant do drills in patterns?

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well im not going to hand drill them thats for sure
its just two .128" drills
they have copper ring but theyre not common with anything
im pretty much just deciding on whether i could centerdrill first
cant even see the rings, they might be deletored because below min space trace
so thats nice
and my guess is it just made rings, checking gerber exports
gimp tried to open a gerber, that was cute

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yup im doing exactly what tutorial did, i got no drills im my preview
fucking lame

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timecop: wtf @ dicktrace not exporting mount drills
it knows theyre there because it assigns a tool number for the drill, but it exports nothing
now i gotta drill 100 pcbs

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