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up up down down L R L R B A start
game is damn near impossible without the code
and then in legend of the mystical ninja, one of the old men in a hut says the code doesnt do anything
mighht be true, because after he said that shit i tried the code everywhere

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you forgot left right left right

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cheater: theyre not passive so my guess is entering some id hash into the ecu
it cant be that hard dealers only charge like $150 for it
id laugh if you have to do a dance on the buttons to get it into some sort of accessible mode
lock lock, unlock unlock, honk panic honk panic, accessory, on, ignition

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no i mean for them
damn im gonna miss my zipcar

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anyway, it works now
so its inconsistent behavior
and the fact that the fix kind of stickied makes me think i didnt trigger something to start searching for drill coords
i mean, even if it was something weird i did with libs, the shit shows up in the pcb editor as crosshairs, and it knows theres a .128 drill because it auto assigns the tool
but it doesnt put the drills into the drill file
or didnt, it does now
sculptor: ya its annoying when they do it partially right
timecop: anyway, i try and figure out how to explain it bit clearer to do bug report
because that sounds easier
just tap some tube
you thing sounds like some sort of flared out tube
that sucks
can you call them?

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anyway, fab did okay, silkscreen could be better but def usable
alignment is fine but some of the lines kinda faded/broken slightly
upside of that is the lines look pretty fine and not sponge stamped
so my fault for trusting dicktrace and not checking the drill file export preview or output file to bitch about random wtf bug before sending off files
dude my shit is def a corner case
double sided, two mount hole, annular ring was like 2 mils diamater diff, no other holes
i gotta stop doing diamater
no i wanted basically a nothing ring
i wouldnt care if it got dropped
but the holes were kind of important
there is a hole diameter and a ring diameter
hole and outer are the terms
hole: .128 and outer: .130

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timecop: did you read dicktrace fail blogging?
shit ignored two mount drills in export
almost repeatable, they came back when i added a random non-pattern mount hole
but then the file was fixed after trying a bunch of outer vs hole diamater values on the dummy mount hole
not after i spent $60 on boards tho so i get to drill 100 of them
those were the only drills, no vias
its like DRC killed the tiny annular rings, and dicktrace decided there were no drills to look for because no circles in copper
then once i added a mount hole with a big enough annular ring for dicktrace to actually see, it decided there were drill coords to look for to export

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jero got turned into a dip resistor array hacker

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