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so connect the + or one to the - of the other
theyre isolated, the secondaries float

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neat they has a vid

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ive just heard of it being used for headers but i wasnt sure if you meant same thing

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gpf: wtf is ceramic spray paint?
like some sort of porcelain?

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might have less friction than the dried out thermal grease
sounds like a neat vid
just squish them a bit out of round in the middle =D

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right but i mean gets it stuck
probably, but its a lot of surface area
c-clips would be a neat permanent solution if designing from scratch

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might just overheat and burn up without the base
and its maybe oil based
oh, yeah this is aluminum so dont have that issue
can use high temp adhesive?
right i think you can get adhesives in that range
over 200C, under 300C
yeah neat if the paste works
is it open on both ends?
the only other thing i can think off is like, little spring pins or something
or like, split sleeves with flanges
and maybe gets more stuck than idea
i would just worry if you do the paste it turns into an adhesive by boiling off the base

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i think between 100C and 200C is typical
so i considered using it for heater cartridges
3/8" ones, about .002" undersized so would have worked decent
i didnt end up using it
i used thermal paste range thermal resistance for a simulation in solidworks, IRL with no thermal transfer paste, i got performance in the range of the sim
i think its probably find if you are using the rods at the rated voltage with a controller
just so they dont fall out?
thats why i wanted to use it
i think i am just going to use a set screw for the heaters and go to screw in thermocouples

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