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if they bitch ill just be like, fuck you, you gave me an ikea cardboard wall and im sharing a mini split compressor with two other units
my unit is literally bigger than both others combined
like, if one unit is set to a/c or auto, no one can use heat

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i need an auto transformer
240vac portable ac just isnt a thing in america
prob better this doesnt work out anyway
only place i can think of venting the a/c is through a 3" hole to unused interior space in the building
apartment is built into the shell of a warehouse so only exterior wall is front door
ultimate fuck you would just be drilling a hole in the back of my ikea closet, opening the door to the warehouse behind it, and just venting into that

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rab: do you think modern electrical code owes more to engineering research or burnt down houses?
blackmoon: the earths have crimped ends
rab: thats burnt down houses
and yeah, thats kind of what i assume and why i try not to fuck with electrical
i asked local place about 240V portable ac, they suggest just splitting the circuit, which i hadnt thought of
opened the socket plate, its just a single 3 lead cable
blackmoon: its 20A breakers on each leg so if it had two sets of romex sticking out i would have considered it
but it didnt, so i put the plate back on and felt better about the whole situation

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is that brit?
are the crimped ends a thing?
so yeah trip out, i flip a breaker while blowing up some antec supply 15 years ago
and circuit doesnt come back after resetting
electrical guy comes out, opens up some random fucking switch plates, tells me 'come here' and shows me some nuked twist on wire nut
"this is because they only stripped 3/16 instead of 3/8" or some shit
so i try to avoid electrical
rab: yeah i wasnt sure either, like if super pro or super hack
well, so extra parts vs rest of the world would make sense

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oh cool i fucked it up itll prob work now
ya named colors dont have dashes for spaces, they just have nothing
fuck you css reference websites

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wtf, turned off the css file server, whole page fucking bare html
my two lines still crossed out fuuuuuu
oh im supposed to be bitching about this in #cars

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timecop: at some point i checked again and it's loading the css from the sub theme now
but theyre striked through so being overwritten
which is like, wtf drupal im using your stupid default theme with your stupid mandated sub-theme and your stupid fucking docs
and then whole point was i cascade over default, not the reverse
fucking bitches, DO IT LIKE THIS BECAUSE UPDATE SAFE, shit doesnt even work right

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wtf this doesnt work
drupal has excellent documentation, for something that doesnt work

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the fuck is that?
sliding door latch?
but yeah, that things ripped

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so how come rmreconns never works in irssi

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so like i pay $1.20 for shit they sell for $18 absolute min

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i dont want to css anymore
must be time for cigarettes and a red bull
i ran out of liter of nicotine juice and waited too long to buy more =(

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and when the market is low people should be able to buy
but when they market swings heavy, oh no coinbase trading down no transaction so sorry
theyre an online wallet, with an exchange, and they loan people money based on status they dont check
then when it turns out a lot of those people lied to them, they literally gave these people money
so expect more stupid trading behavior
coinbase has a lot of infrastructure and theyre established and as legit as it gets
and they fuck up like this
people want a deregulated volatile market that swings at light speed to make mad ching but cry when the volatile market actually does volatile market things
and coinbase taught them that if you cry loud enough, ROI improves

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reimburse what, tho?
theyre literally encouraging stupidity
people lied to them, those people got fucked for the risk they took, and they gave those people free money
coinbase did nothing wrong
the market acted correctly
someone wanted to sell a lot of eth at a low price, they did, and people trying to make huge profit lost money they didnt have
coinbase says, YA ITS COOL KEEP DOING IT!
anyway, they werent giving back stolen coins or even lost coins
they were encouraging stupid behavior and dishonesty to keep customers quiet
they should have sent out forms asking for proof of certified trader status
and just said sorry to everyone who couldnt prove status who lost on margin trades
they didnt, so they literally gave people money for being stupid
coinbase is broken
thats the other issue
right which is messed up
because theyre a service for giving access to the market

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so youre sitting on a lot of nothing
the only way to get rid of a very large trade is going very low
actually a typing error may be the reason
or just some script bug
point is, there was nothing wrong with the .10 sale or whatever it was
thats normal
people losing their money, thats fair
but coinbase making loans to people based on them being certified traders, but doing ZERO checks?
that not okay
so they gave money back to people who got fucked by a perfectly functional and fair market
no ones coins got stolen
they were giving back stolen coins
they were covering their ass because a lot of people went, hey wtf coinbase
you gave it as an example of an online wallet returning coins
that isnt the case
the reimbursed stupid investors who lied to them to keep everyone happy

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how is it a stupid move
if someone wants to get out they can g3et out at whatever price they want
because market
if you have a very large amount to sell, a lowest value is maybe the only way to sell
it doesnt matter the market is the market
if a big fish cashes out for rock bottom to get rid of it all, thats their option
$.10/eth is maybe not bad is you have like 100k eth and bought in way low and just want to buy a thing
also someone with very large holding maybe just wanted to tank the market
this is also their right
the biggest issue with the situation was coinbase was letting people margin trade as certified lenders with no checks
thats what you do but you dont have that kind of eth and they did
and it swung market enough they possibly came out way ahead anyway
the market decides the transactions
so if you have a lot, and try and sell a little low, people will just sell a little lower and your shit wont sell

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coinbase is an online wallet
they shouldnt have
right they did it to cover their asses
because they were lending cash without know your customer
and then the customers lost all the money being idiots
you cant make margin trades unless you say youre a certified trader
but they didnt check that people were in any way
blackmoon: because it was almost all margin trading but unlicensed traders
d0gzpaw: yeah but the issue was they werent checking customers to see if they were actually traders before handing out free money
they prob could have been sued
if an online market cant handle trading bots it needs to go back to the 70s
sure but points are a) coinbase is an online wallet and much easier to hack for large ROI and b) they were covering their own asses

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they stole from the rest of the people to give back to the first people?
but thats not how that works
so they temporarily stole it
has anyone got their shit back?
shrug, teach people to store significant money in online wallets
all the theft you hear about it is online wallets
people lose offline and local wallets
online wallets get stolen
thats basically the last 8 years in crypto security
can i work a printer?
and keep a piece of paper someplace it wont get lost?
if youre a fucking adult, answer should prob be yes
that said, i cant find my passport for awhile now

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browser wallets, fuck that
only reason your shit should be in on online wallet it to turn it into cash

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they got a vid

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i want a laser blaster

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mine was mostly celeron/duron and p2/p3 shit
oh and a dual ppro board

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oh damn
i kind of miss my motherboard mosaic
was up to like 7 or 8 of them i think

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yeah try wiggling it
my nexus 7 touchscreen got fucked, was just loose fpc, hasnt happened again

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its the inverter
its always the inverter

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