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tho the heritage appropriate ones arent that big of a deal to me either, im not exactly accepted as part of either group
kike or spic works, you already know that though
which direction is the dent?
yeah but i mean board side or sky side
is it going to lift the rest of the stencil up?
oh, yeah that sucks
got a hammer? =D

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which is exactly why he uses it
coming from AK, my guess is hes never actually seen a black person
timecop: you know of the spectrum of slurs you could have used, that one actually doesnt do anything for me

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ha, yeah

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like, we basically group frequency ranges and kind of turn it into a bar graph like an RTA and this seems to be what we remember
sequences of RTA bin levels

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like, you can pick up on the pressure differencials and making timing observations that turn into directions
coincidentally, this is the dominant range of human speech
chicken and egg situation, how it evolved like that
its neat stuff, you process audio really fast compared to visual input
like, we effectively power bin audio spectrum like an RTA
we dont really pick up on phase conciously, and in a noisy situation, we usually cant pick out exact frequencies

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a woofer is part of the loudspeaker, so it should be in an equaliateral triange with the listener, at about 3-10 ft distance
and the sub you just stick where it doesnt trip over itself and cancel frequencies or phase cancel where they crossover
very related to wavelengths and reflections
typically you do well sticking the sub in a corner
your hearing isnt direction in that range
you can hear directionally from like maybe 200-2000 hz
higher, waves are too small to really make sense
like, they interact with damn near everything because inches wavelengths, so they diffuse and interfere too much
low frequency, waves way too big, so theyre pressurizing both ears at the same potential, there is no difference in pressure to analyze
but 200-2000 hz, waves are about 5ft to the width of your head

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also, you can do sub crossover in a pc or something
yeah i mean theres some routing stuff to figure out
if you want to use it for multiple sources
but in general, you are capable as a DIY building of making a professional sounding system
you have the same dsp tools
and you dont have the marketinf constraints
yes most important maybe
then you dont need a big woofer maybe
but when they arent right, its very noticable
when they are right, theyre almost not there
like, they shouldnt stand out
right its often overboosted so that the customer knows they bought a subwoofer
also its generally accepted that consumers will turn their sub 6-10 dB hot
hell i do it and i know its inaccurate
but fixed non adjustable systems have to designed with this preference in mind
its hard to do with without spending a lot of money on a woofer
so often the result is an overdriven woofer, will sound boomy and huffy
excursion is directly related to distortion
so ideally you want more woofers moving a smaller amount for the same output
but thats almost always more $$$

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parts express
they make cabinets, you can just buy drivers from them and screw them into the drivers and connect your amps and try shit out with the DSP processing
prob spend $5 to $2000 on drivers from them
no the cabinet is very important
which is why buying it the first time is probably a good idea
fabrication and materials is very important
but you can get a cabinet, get a woofer that will work with it, which is what you will probably be learning most at first
and then you get pretty much whatever tweeter you want
almost all tweeters are built into sealed enclosures so cabinet doesnt matter for them
yeah thats not a bad idea
you can just bypass the crossover in the speaker and driver direct like a biamp/triamp
they make a lot of them
you could buy two of their little 2x4 things and do a 3-way 2.2 system
so two speakers with tweeter/mid/woofer and two subs

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theres a lot of little parts you dont think about that cost a lot of money when youre only buy one or two
so diy usually isnt cheaper, but sometimes you can get better performance and something more suited to what you want to do
because not so much time and money spent on stupid features to differentiate in the market
i would suggest building at least 7 amps
minimum 5
stereo tweeter, stereo woofer, subwoofer
then you can just make loudspeakers, like biamp and triamp and full range speakers, and try out diff things
with a passive xover, you get what you get, it aint changing and it probably aint gonna look like what the math says if you measure it
not very much it seems like the reverse, but the more complicated setup is actually much more suited to DIY resources
to make the cheap setup work, you need a lot of specialized software and very good measurement capabilities and a lot of dev time and money to iterate
loudspeakers or drivers?
speaker is an ambiguous term
so typicall you want to use the terms loudspeaker/systems and drivers/transducers

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you can buy a usb measurement mic for like $90, with a cal file
and then use a dsp module or your computer to eq the system flat
diy you can get performance better than commercial passive crossover speakers
yes i think so if it has the outputs
static audio processing is pretty light
like, when you want shit to be dynamic and adjustable, you need more power
they been around awhile, dsp modules and they got a good usb measurement mic
you can use this on a computer w/ surround outputs for free
pretty sure you can hack it into a crossover
and systems are like building bicycles

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yeah sure
i mean for audio, you can get opamps that work to like 200W output
and you can output driver opamps that will do a 1kw system pretty easy
but these are all multiple stage designs
75W, tab is completely electrically isolated
because audiophiles are easily misled
nope, sil pad would make it worse
wipe some grease on it and stick it to anything
yeah lot of option, you can make that project as easy or as hard as you want
get a box, pair of mean well supplies, amp module, some connectors
no not really
not if youre doing active crossovers

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also i think things like xover distortion in a well biased AB amp are actually pretty shitty once past audio spectrum
stable very low distortion AB amp in audio is not very expensive, because effectively no parasitics and slew rates compared to operating past 1mhz
and even then, output part selection isnt trivial, not everything will work
right but they dont do much past 100k unless youre paying $$$
but youre right in that integrated solutions help, AB chipamps are fucked up simple to get high performance out of
and layout is cake compared to a discrete power amp
all of this stuff doesnt work well at high speeds
intentionally in many cases, for performance gains in their operating range

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jero32: also i think there is singificance in the simplicity
parasitics arent really a thing in RF, thats just a part of the circuit you have to design with
and the simpler layout is easier to deal with int erms of parasitics

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fenster: yeah theyre not too delicate because the folded edges
usually bend a bit then pop right off

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continuous pad
usually there is like a gap in the pad shield somewhere for RF traces
yeah those connectors are pretty solid
blackmoon: i think those are usually off the shelf
the non capped ones

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probably something is shorting out a pullup or other high resistance circuit
its got flux-water gunk on it
i dont think it is
and yeah fuck those
hope the shit inside doesnt bake
it can go pretty quick but the shields are usually inyo ground planes, a lot of times no thermal relief
sometimes theyre hand soldered, probably because of that
but most of them ive seen, really clean looking, def reflow
the ones with caps can make rework a bitch but at leasts its possible
some of them will have like, support beams across the top
so its mostly open but a bitch to get an iron tip in at a good angle
because potentially for RF and sometimes it matters
i thought you means the pads on the shield edge
most of them go all the way around

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fenster: if the side of the shield has little fingers, you can just pop it off the shield walls to look under
theres usualyeah not enough drainage on TVs these daysl
er, -theres usually
and the walls will usually have a little frame with cross members
and the top clips onto all that
one piece shields are pretty rare
yeah they seem to be able to tool them up pretty fast and cheap
fenster: not likely, the tv should have circuit protection anyway if something is shorted

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the pcb traces are hella stuck on, but you can break solder joints on small part, or just break electromechanicals
else electromechanical shit, switches and jacks, try not to get liquid inside
one the alc and water hit the board its not clean anymore and its hard to get enough solvent through an electromech part to completely clean it if it gets gunked
does the shield have a cap?
yeah man i think you can maybe just pop that shield off
the walls and the top look like two pieces
lots of shields like that
yeah prob not
but theyre not air tight

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if iso alc kills your electronics you prob got other problems
did you try water?
RO or distilled, that white shit looks like maybe dried water flux
oh yeah 91% is fine
as long as the water is clean it doesnt matter
just wipe it up or let it dry
you usually dont have to be that gentle if the bristles are long
you can cut them short so they work better but they can pop off parts like that if youre not careful
my guess is that white stuff comes right off soon as something liquid touches it ]

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blackmoon: when i had beastie boys as my ring tons, i would phone trip the song everywhere in white noise
every fucking shower, air noise while driving

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publicly funded through taxes and government subsidized tuition
im not okay with paying for games for rich fucks to watch, while making academic exceptions for the athletes
things should be easier for someone because theyre involved in extra curricular activites
they should be harder
damn thats all ambiguous
tldr: fuck competitive academic sports
if its something you can be cut from over performance, shouldnt be in school, its not academic, its not about learning
if its a class you can go and do your best and get an okay grade even if you suck, because you tried and you understand, thats cool

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in motorsport, usually you cant rise in the ranks without money
now if youre good enough, you have a realistic path all the way into F1
yeah fuck giving money for school for competitive sports
thats completely retarded and a waste of money to get some rich fucks off so they donate money
but private companies doing it is cool

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necause generally the shit is pretty much in the transmission
its not a car, who cares if you have to rebuild it!
owner just gonna sell in 2 years anyway
prob too heavy
good ideas dont usually stay spendy for long
it would be fine for a cruiser
ha, red bull vid
ya i dont have a problem giving money to this company compared to monster/rockstar/coke
they dropped a mfkr from space with a parachute
they do a lot for bringing up young athletes, too

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also PD been going nuts or some shit
or just really drunk
guess so
kid in college too so thats gotta be nuts sometimes

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when the engine performance was so low that they couldnt make points, he just said engine problem, stopped the car, got out
so it would go down as a honda failure and not a mclaren failure
because it is a honda failure
on tracks where engine doesnt matter as much, alonso gets decent times, but the engine usually gives out
these things got like 7 gears and make power above 10krpm
with hybrid assist
just all top end because no mass?
does it actually increase air/fuel or just increases compression and efficiency?
eck0: heh
its from justrolledintotheshop last year pretty sure
mr robot meme influence

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fuckin mclaren is keeping the honda engine
for 2 years
then they redesigned it, copied mercedes concept
reliability got worse
so 3 years, mclaren basically last place
the driver is arguably the fastest in the world
this isnt my opinion, this is the opinion of most of the other drivers
yeah but alonso should be in a winning car
and hes not as much of an asshole as montoya
alonso is an asshole in the, anything for a win sense
heh, he tried to blackmail ron dennis when he found out the team had stolen some ferrari designs
dennis flipped out and told the FIA (sanctioning body, they make they rules)
big drama, and that was the end of alonsos first stint at mclaren
and yeah
its assumed that alonso just parked the car a couple times

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meh i need to wake up
coffee tiem

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i believe the toyota ECU fail shit, because the throttle boost and latency on my car and camrys is just dumb
these no way they wanted it to be like that
its n/a
its just slow and over filtered
they overboost the pedal to make it feel powerful
so you drive with a few mm pedal travel in normal condition
because of the boost, they have to filter it
because of the filtering, there is extra latency
then, because the engine control is variable, the reaction times and throttle mapping are not consistent
excar had a reputation for being difficult to drive stick
by the end i had timing down well enough i could rev match every downshift without thinking
has probably ruined me for a reasonable transmission and throttle response
yeah but you control power, not speed
which does make sense, it means holding speed gonna be somewhere in the middle all the time
blackmoon: thats when you downshift and floor it!

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eh programmers are all on something on average
NSA couldnt find infosec who could pass a test for weed
what you mean like toyota ECU?
blackmoon: 'this ones clean... check the machine run him again'
yeah i remember it just being some race condition would be fucked to test for
doesnt mean youre wrong
i dont think life critical things should be done withheavy abstraction

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factory or a dad mod?
that sucks
strain gauges
if they gave a shit, they could monitor the shit like the track airplane stress
and most would probably tell you to just do what manufacturer says
you can do maintenance tho if just replacing?

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blackmoon: maybe the flex is warping the metal around the bolt so they lose tension and start wearing themselves
because put turbo size of eck0s head on something made to be NA from factory
blackmoon: right so if the metal wears theyre not holding by friction anymore
so my guess is they design the shit to last a few years
and then say replace bolts because that will tighten everything up again
flatten the metal, create a friction joint again
dude, carnies
yeah but its made to be light enough to move
also a lot of stuff is broken down and rebuilt a lot
which has to flex the shit out of components

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carriage bolts are for wooden jungle gyms and holiday parade floats
because the parts they go into werent designed for infinite fatigue life, because carnies
its just a guess, but makes sense to me

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heh @ carriage bolts
hate those things
because mostly used in wood and seems like a hack?
a bolt and a nut w/ washers or flanged hardware
right it metal its fine
in wood its like, too tight shit spins gonna need an ax to get that out
yeah but if youre just holding a bracket onto body not a bad solution

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like there are depressions between the cylinder and ports so the fins are a bit bigger
i dont think it went through the block tho
nice that looks almost factory
kept the danger sticker!

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oh damn thats far
the port from the cylinder
because its got fins between
i think usually the fins go around the whole block and the ports are right next to the cylinder?
thats weird
besides that looks pretty normal
these are a few hp?
yeah thats prob by the fins all the way around
1hp stuff i think its just machined out of one block with fins all around

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yeah but it has to be in the port somewhere
yeah dunno what you do about that other than use it all the time
its like inches
oh its got little spoked guide?
just a hole on one side?
i thought most of those were just a little cavity with port on the side and valve on top, little guide on bottom

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i would have guessed an reduction gear to a rotating arm with a slot, and a bar with a pin for the slot
it drives one wheel
and then that wheel is just linked to the other?
i like my idea better
L head is valves popping out of block?
right, lawnmower tech for sure
right because how else to do that

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does it clamp?
or just push the pad against the disc
i guess thats a little better
but right, pretty fucked if something breaks
like id assume some bracket that holds the pad, and the bracket machined smooth on the back
does it actually have a rack?
or just an arm pushing a rod
well, sounds like the only thing you didnt have to take apart so understandable

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are they split for some hack diff setup?
yeah wouldnt want to lose control on those high speed turns
is that what the external disc is?
i dont get it
really thin caliper back?

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yeah i dont think that shit is plastic or aluminum
maybe aluminum on expensive shit
i need a bike
it would have to be big and expensive and high tolerance
it would be a weird decision vs steel
does it have any suspension besides the tires?

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blackmoon: that sounds moddy
i dont has lasers!
does that make it work better?

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chocolate is for the rich fucks

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do we have a #fakenews coordination chan?
named #fakenews?
doesnt seem very active
populated by alt|away and TheDonald
last time spacex flaked
rab: spacex.com?
i mean thats exciting that i feel like i missed out on anything
i do the same shit in ksp like all the time
i even got a reusable first stage that lands on its butt
*not that exciting
dammit rab

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did he just need the tag?
16:13:15 <@Rab> It's just a painful and expensive way to get drunk, anyway.
what like 10% '...woah' and the remainder is cringe at $8/beer and $12/drink?

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