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so composites and just more open designs

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but still
13" wheels
i walked all my new tires to the car at once
d0gzpaw: the HF?
still light as fuck and got 35mph before siezing up
they were like 49mpg factory
yeah thats what theyre rated, epa
in 86
kind of makes a geo metro seem stupid
TT are really well designed cars
anyway i think cars are going to get lighter again
a lot lighter, they have to
sculptor: crappy
least its nice out right now
yeah but theyre going to have to figure it out
because engines are almost maxed out on efficiency
so the only way now is to maintain safety and drop weight

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looks like Si was 2650, some of them 2500
thats makes sense the engine prob way heavier than civic stuff
i had a 91 accord!
family go kart!
fucking radiator hose ripped off and it overheated
i miss my crx but that shit was too light
was scary in bumper to bumper, felt like i was gonna get squished
like, trucks literally couldnt see my on passenger side under their door
i had an 86 HF, 1650 lbs factory
like 80hp, so 100% max revs all the time!
shit could merge, tho
pretty sure i got it to 105
downhill coming back from calabasas

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nice detents
d0gzpaw: racecar
honestly outside of racecar where youre fully strapped and going for tenths of seconds, paddles kinda uneccessary
yeah fuck left foot braking
what was that aussie rally racer drove the early quattro turbos?
theres vid of him doing brake with right and left so he can spool the turbo, its nuts
yeah i dunno if the synchros in the scion were worn when i got it, or it was just a big heavy truck transmission that just sucked like that
d0gzpaw: those are like 2200 lbs?

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ha, sometimes i smash the brake pedal thinking its the clutch at stops
fucking automatics
go from like 5mph to 0 and hurt my thumbs
because racecar
i had some ford dct rental
it was okay but i really didnt like how it creeped
like, fuckoff car youre eating yourself stop
sculptor: whats it like outside?
yeah my tc was like, maybe 1/8" of wobble and maybe 4" from neutral to gear

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i think of the long terms regs its mostly me =\
stu-pid was into cars
but i think he used to drag race a fiesta
i rent a fiesta zipcar near school, so fucking horrible
it has a slushbox w/ manual shift button on the side of the shifter
like 2 second delay on shifts
typical ford monkey-put-my-frontend-together feel
yeah totally
they had a jetta
was awesome
some kid prob crashed it
just felt very together, was kinda boring
yeah i really liked it

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that guy has a miura
i feel like thats all i have to say about him
letterman has a dino 246gt
had to look that up, i never heard of that shit
yeah looks like cross between a c3 and a le mans prototype
ah, yeah c3 and miura pretty much same B pillars

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youre a complete idiot if you buy a 914, theyre money pits
but ya, best porsche
lamborgini miura, ferrari dino 246gt, porsche 914
those are amazing cars but im not a big 911 fan
its a 3rd gen bug
356 is 2nd gen
he is
leno makes up for it in his taste of cars and roads, tho
he drives a lot of the same roads i do, cool to see his show
yeah he does some shit above hollywood, and tons in santa monica mountains
topanga, mullholland, stunt
he seems like pretty okay guy
ha, my grandma had the one after
mom drove it for a long time

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yeah old cars try and take off
oh shit it was a real one?
yeah he shouldnt push that thing hes gonna get hurt
aluminum, and racing safety factors
id love a replica
oh right
haha, i saw one at laguna seca for historic races, speed holes everywhere
was like, jezus fuck
whole thing was swiss cheese with 3/8 inch holes, hand drilled
but right its one of those cars i see it i just get stuck
tubaman: you can find bunch of 914 v8 youtubes
just eating shit up at tracks
youd have to rebuild the whole unibody tho
bracing above the rear suspension is standard mweld in mod, even for reg 914
also rocker panel replacements
theyre almost as bad as first gen z
i dont think anything is as bad as first gen zs
oh the firewall on the battery side, and battery trays

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oh shit theres lots still, just around here
<3 that cali air
if i was gonna porsche engine any vw, itd be one of those
haha things
such a wtf car
they dont come in anything but ugly
yes they are definitely likeable
liek, i dont think you can hate them it seem like a happy car
but wtf so fuckin ugly
this guy
shit is worth half that
i dont even think mint 914-6 go for near that
i dont doubt he spent way more, but no one gonna pay $40k for a 914

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i would rock one of those tho
not that one, but a piece of shit one for like $1k
yeah dont really like pickups
would rather just get a suburban or something
its all about el caminos
i cant buy that
if i eventually get a factory 5 daytona to build, totally gonna try and put an LS in it
yeah i dont think i could reg bug
i wonder if karman ghias still even exist

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i wont buy a car unless its loved by a massive amount of people
i dont think something like a rabbit can help being fun
old blaupunkt is cool
im too scared to get another crx
are the pedals hinged above or below?
on rabbits
above, no?
yeah neat can easy heel toe
yeah so not excited about pickups, but those things are so rad
thats too much
thats a nice one so it should be like $3k

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i could be brave and pick up a 924/944 hoopty for like $2k
for that transaxle sex
there is something really wrong with the other side of that truck
actually, ya
that one might need some work
but like, 80s gasser, could do that
honestly i think i just get an NA
its the cheapest thing ill be happy with, its ref handling i wouldnt mind experiencing that for a couple years
and its loved

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fuck all that my uncle had one of those
complete with primer spots
tubaman: how much is like, mitsu fuso type thing?
i really like those with little boxes
guess so
oh neat i thought maybe like 2x that
yeah like fuck a pickup id want one of those
lenny mentioned really weird shit about the brakes on actual fusos tho
and yeah maintance maybe a lot more?
or complete opposite?
doesnt GM make one or is it literally same?
but i guess in general, per mile, do they need more or less maintenance
like big trucks in general
because too hot or lines really long?

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something like that
prob selling because it needs all the things
automatic, too
kind of defeats the purpose of an e30
last one is someones baby
i bought a non-opped regged 280z for $300
passenger floor rusted through, holes
interior ripped out
used to sneak it into santa monica mountains and take it to the beach, omfg best car to drive
youre sitting on the rear wheels, you feel the car do anything towards sideways waaay before it happens
wowow thats a really nice one
the land cruiser

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those things are fucked up light
tubaman: prob way more $$$
i guess the world is running out of 911 motors and chassis
all the 912s went up in price for conversions
prob in 10 years cant get one for under $50k
like, complete pre-996 911
ha thats funny
do they carb approve exhausts?
yeah my friend had an e30 awd, had a loud carb exhaust
cop tried to bust him for it, hes like ITS STAMPED OKAY IN CALI!?
how much is a hoopty e30 now?
theyre prob going up?

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were responsible for turning all the sports cars pussy in the late 70s
but now theyre more efficient
and they can make same power
the recent stuff?
or the old stuff
yeah it made a huge diff
nuh uh
theyre that much more efficient because big?
thats seems weird
i dont think you have to anymore
68 shouldnt have to smog, pretty sure
unless its got newer engine
if it has motor w/ bosch efi, maybe has to smog

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they hittin the highway soon as they get out of the logging roads
what were they before?
i thought they were like 80-100
whats scr
thats neat, sucks its expensive
were were allowed to play on the playground when i was a kid because smog in LA
and its waaaaay better now
so hard to argue against pollution regulations
cali literally cleaned up the world
naw man diff is huuuuge
like, this is not like, small measurable changes
and pretty sure cali did it first

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i used turtle wax polish on my headlights
the rub, then i waxed them
came out fine
not the wax
the rubbing compound, red stuff
and i used zymol to wax them
yeah i was pretty surprised
i dont think the abrasive matters so much long as you can get it off and it doesnt get melted in with power tools
i just used rags
took maybe 20 min per headlight
yeah thats gotta be nuts
prob not even all oxidation, prob just scratched up from road dirt

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nuh uh
ha, mean

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tubaman: it might be some sort of epoxy
seems to be for permanent applications

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do you mean hold his monitor up to a mirror?
i mean, couldnt he just check scroll?

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i feel like that coffee wasnt enough

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omg food
i want food
im having last cold pizza slice

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very small voltages could be looping ground current or just some leakage from other circuits
could also mean resistive contacts on the connector
on the daughter side?
might be a vreg onboard
for the mcu and ir
whats other side of board like?
is there even a micro or am i still confused by the wifi board
yeah connector fine
so the ebay buys are a safer bet now

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most likely
theres standby circuitry in the system tho so could just be waiting for the micro to tell it to turn shit on
lot of wires for board that simple, somethings going on
makes sense
anyway, if you can probe connector, there should be voltage across something
you can also compare voltages on connectors on both sides of the cable, to eliminate the cable
if theres nothing on both sides, its likely a fuse or supply

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thats zero
hold remote button down and see if it changes
also try repeatedly pressing
as manu as us
chopsticks the probes
or get alligators and solder tiny wires to the points you want to probe
hold both probes in one hand
like chopsticks
use other hand to fire remote at it

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man, now im bummed out about mcmannis on his knees throwing sand over his best friend
and the shit didnt even really happen in the movie
seriously, greatest movie

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have a dmm?
it might be the same supply
i bet most of the wires are grounds and supplies
pin 1 marker maybe
rgb led?
whats the thing on the right, tho?
maybe, lots of pins tho

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maybe just a fuse
oh because cant turn it on
no, another fuse
they might have put a fuse for the peripheral board supply
just in case this happened
fenster: yes, but it might be soldered on
also it might be hard to spot if its a non resetting smd fuse
its much more likely to be a small smd fuse if its not self resetting
which kind of sucks, but glass cartridge fuse just seems big and expensive for this application
jero32: $$$
actually its sony, they probably just want some certified technician fee
which means would be hard time to get it if you didnt have an electronics retail shop

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i think theres a few other things where its questionable
like, it was likely them who robbed the taxi service
but im not sure about the gun truck, and really it all could have been more bullshit to cover for other people
i thought same board, sorry
yeah if the LEDs are out theres probably something wrong with the micro
or a power supply
i think $15 for the IR is prob a good buy
if that works, conisder the weefee
oh, yeah thats pretty cheap if thats free shipping
yeah man, i dont think we can help you with that without knowing your financial situation
if both boards are out, theres more change that its a problem with the mainboard, tho
like a secondary power supply or something

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leo carillo, low tide
guess it was in karate kid too
maybe both?
i think mcmannis started burrying him
i should watch again
yeah easily
completely diff movie the second time watching
still not sure whats bullshit and what isnt
right, and the boat details could have been bullshit

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led and resistor might work
ghetto probe the mainboard side
yeah but you still need to see if the micro does anything when the ir does stuff
but yeah either way, scope is the way to go
do you have kids?
if you have kids i think you should do that and go play with your kids
are you named after the usual suspects character?
where they burried him is one of my favorite places in LA
also a pretty stupid place to bury someone, high tide would have prob just washed him up

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at min wage thats two hours of your time
counting like that, youve probably already spent like $50-100 on this problem
it just has one button or something?
on the tv?
it has rs232 on the rear panel?
yeah we can probably help you figure that out
because not a lot left to do with the board you have if its not the connector
its probably in the manual, if not its prob somewhere on the net
4 lines one second, youre maybe a bit lagged

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make sure the detector is clean
if its the micro i dont think youll be able to do much
even if you could get into it, prob no way to get the right firmware to check if it got fucked somehow
maybe check ebay for replacement boards
or write an email to sony
replacement part prices are really random, it might be reasonable
i would save your time and go with that
if you plug that in and it still doesnt work, theres something wrong with the mainboard or supplies

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maybe reconnect and disconnect a dozen times in case some of the terminals are corroded
alcohol and toothbrush might not take oxidation off
but reconnecting a ton of time maybe rubs it off
just try reconnecting first tho, sanding off the plating might not be great long term
but right its something to try if nothing else works
you can feep or ohm out the lines to check, tho

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did you clean the window?
no prob not, just making sure it wasnt blocked
check connections again

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never heard of the guy until now

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who is this fro head 12 year old?
little nico rossberg
dont like kiddie pop much, and yeah this guy specializes in disco beats and snap tracks =\
i mean, if you want to make money, this is the way to make tracks
house is always going to be the biggest draw
easy to be a drunk girl to house beats
syncopated break beats tend to kind of make them lockup, skip, head tilt
sculptor: because we can them from our dark anti-social maladjusted drum n bass areas

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if author doesnt figure out god doesnt matter, not interested

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sculptor: i dunno the original song and this has a disco beat =\
this is better
and yeah theres no drum track so i could do a remix of this in a few minutes
oh my bad, it has a tambourine
oh, i dont pay attention to lyrics much

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but mostly its a birthday party thing
pinyatas just happen at mexican parties with lots of kids around
keeps em busy

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blackmoon: ya basically
trump voter?
many exist
day of the dead?
dia de los muertos just means day of the dead

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if we ever get to vote again, this is going to make the greatest movie
hell, probably 10 movies
rab: clock circuit?

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