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im guessing fuse is probably fine, but those filters are pretty fragile
its an expensive part so probably not a lot of current headroom
yeah i was going to say iin your other pic the coils look okay
but it could be where theyre soldered to the pins
like all the solder melted off and its kind of just in loose contact with the pin
hopefully its just the fuse
easiest fix

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you can measure the bridge side of the inductor on the hot side, referencing earth ground, and just see if the mains waveform drops out
there should be much of a voltage change across LN01 if its okay
and yes, youre fine you know what youre doing
just be careful with the probe
yeah dont do that shit tired and frustrated
thats usually when shit you feel stupid about happens
check between the fuse and LN01, too
just to make sure its not the fuse dropping out
and then also the switch
could have burnt the switch contact
okay yeah then id def sleep on it and probe the filter and fuse

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if its burnt up and gone resistive, the psu might be fine in standby, but then it pulls current and the input voltags drops across the inductor enough to shut the psu down
the psu might be on long enough to pump up the HV circuit
also have you replaced the fuse?
same issue as filter, but with the fuse
it maybe didnt completely blow and is resistive, if you havent replaced
do you have a scope?
kind of a bitch to measure across the inductor without floating the scope, tho
doesnt need to be, long as your mem is okay
and a complete shit DSO is more than enough
but yeah i wouldnt attach the prob ground to neutral
and i wont tell you to float it either, very danger

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yeah line is curvy, they dont look bad really
if it was work and a must fix type of situation, id probably start pulling components to isolate the supply
if you know enough about the psu protection feedback circuits, you can try and see whats being triggered
because sounds like its protecting itself
im pretty tired right now but i can probably help tomorrow, other people will probably be around tho
which cap you replace?
check LN01
maybe got hot and burnt up a bit, went resistive
like, if cn02 shorts, it can overcurrent the filter

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i dont like the way the resistor by the heatsink looks where the terminal hits the body
yeah hard to say then
check traces on bottom
right but maybe something fell into the tv or who knows
caps look a little swollen but not too much, maybe normal

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tomev: sounds like the psu is going into protection, like theres a short or something
maybe try disconnecting power to boards one at a time and see if it acts more normal
that sucks
i tell you to finger test stuff to find the hot thing, but theres HV in CRTs and i dont know enough about them to tell you how to avoid that

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might not give them, even in the schematics they dont label every component
theres prob an associated BOM somewhere
looks like not in the manual tho
sucks, sorry
if you can find the part in the associated schematics, or reverse the circuit and draw a schematic, we can maybe help

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thats an eli the iceman is all i got
i feel like thats hard to understand unless you already know the equations
also i feel like ohms pie is best diagram for this situation
if youre gonna bust out a ref
right but it means V goes over the other term when it isnt alone
i guess
that pie is a pretty one, some are really ugly
but i just remember v=it p=iv and derive the others, p=i^2r is the only weird one i remember

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jero32: its a physics thing
its like how EE use j instead of i, because i already means current
doesnt mean anything but easy to remember
man penis in vagina

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fuck U

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pass the language to the left hand side

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