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im not even sure they should be blamed for the systematic retardation of america

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they didnt even need to get into the voting rigs
so make it punishable by life imprisonments and enforce it
cameras in all voting locations is not hard
100% coverage of voting methods betweent he time of casting ballots and counting them isnt difficult
in fact, secure electronic voting would not be difficult
theyre not meant to be secure
the people who make voting machines also make bank security systems
they know how
they didnt want to
and seems pretty clear russias sway wasnt from changing ballots, it was from changing people

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they had both sides of congress and the presidency, after rove made a full of himself on national tv because no one told him the fix wasnt in
and they did nothing
also fuck their nothing burger hillary emails doublespeak, they want the world to care their server was hacked, while simultaneously telling people email server security isnt a big deal
gore won 2000
old retired republican hags hacked the paper ballots
russia won an information war w/ 4chan and political big datas help, pretty simple really
killed almost no one

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both positions are pretty retarded
if you dont think russia had anything to do with the election and it shouldnt be openly investigated, get fucked
if you think we should go to war with russia over something weve done countless times, including to russia with yeltsin, get fucked
if you think hillary lost because of russians trolling dems and eastern europeans making money off of illeterate republicans on facebook, get fucked
which is why i would care less about dems bitching

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champi0n: ive considered making a couple
i have bunch of ceramic skateboard bearings im never going to use

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neat, study buddy back in town
ride to grocery store obtained

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nothing blew up =(

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