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burgers are for the rich fucks
guys why would a reset button work, but not the reset output on a programmer
works fine with one module
other module, programming with uvision, it gets stuck until a press reset butan
traces seem fine

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like i can scrub the shit out of a pcb over solder joins and they dont tear apart like qtips

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alcohol swabs are the coolest shit ever
i didnt know they were so cheap

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obv top secret, has like six epoxy dots

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kicad is so much worse than eagle
which is a pretty impressive level of fail
geda isnt even eda
geda was unbelievably bad
my guess is if i tried geda now itd be about as shit as 10 years ago
every time ive checked up on it, tutorials all show the same trash
does it at leasr drc check?

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