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you cant off road on park land
pretty much everything not developed in LA county is park land
i think there might be restrictions on private land too
ha in the 70s my bro and his friend used to ride dirtbikles around calabases open spaces (what the preservation is called now)
maybe like, 100 square miles of that
right next to suburbs
anyway, rangers finally caught them
'but weve been doing this forever'
everything turns to ash real quick
gotta shut down the busiest highways in america sometimes

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dunno cow is prob worth a few hundred dollars
guys is maybe out like $30k
oh, many of his 100 cows
not 100 cows
theyre not mostly banned anyway?
you cant do that shit in socal

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heh neat
i still want to live in topanga again
while i was their, was a fire, kind of scary
only one way in/out of old topanga
also fire camp girls are cute (girls on probation)
yeah so similar to norcal
not as hot as socal, but it makes up for it in available fuel
yeah that image needs a "Fuck." caption
that sucks, i hate that shit
you got falling ash?
i hate falling ash

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you got forest fire issues right now?
you guys seem pretty immune to that shit

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rab: http://www.uslsoccer.com/news_article/show/821487?referrer_id=2333971
looks like cota decided making money might not be a bad idea

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i think im just going to buy $20 of fender mexican standard j-bass pickups and $15 random bridge
maybe can make bridge out of bunch of aluminum
not really, my babics full contact heavy bridge sold for like $80 used, i think
and i think its worth that
and i had fender sumarian cobalt custom shop pickups
tone was neat, but mostly i liked that the poles were sunk below the covers
so you could bang the strings around against the pickups and they wouldnt crunch
and yeah im pretty random with my fret hand, just kind of do whats comfortable, lots of slides, mostly playing on one or two stings at a time
like, i can do bit more complex when im covering stuff, but even then i tend to jump up and down strings more than across them with bunch of fingers
oh that sucks
you do trucks a lot, no?
those things always seem to have the weirdest wheel angles

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blackmoon: alot of pedals arent vregged =\
opamp shit is probably okay, but discrete shit might flip out
and by okay i just mean theyll work with some noise
but if it was a pedal i gave a shit about, i wouldnt plug that into it
pedals are like $50-$200 a pop
also i didnt hear anything all summer
but i guess i got the av tech job
so this semester i get to be a/v bicycle tech
fuzz stuff is usually true bypass, so you might not even notice noise most the time
might get annoying when you have strings muted
its just as likely to be some single transistor class-a shit as a sane opamp circuit
yeah sounds good
i should make a rat out of a quad amp, i found a bunch
actually i need to get bridge and pickups first =\

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tubaman: guitar pedals are 9v
oh it has a boost reg
oh, $1.42
yeah ill have to side with timecop on this one
unless you consider your usb ports and your guitar pedals expendable
thats like, our client rejected everything so lets just sell them on ebay shit

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whatever just do it fast

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