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plugged in with esata?
long connector is long

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spritzer page does not mention that
people use that?
why do you need it without usb?

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has 4 analog audio inputs
has dislay stuff too

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i used arduino ide thing for the ti cortex stuff they used at school
wasnt too bad
rab: why is that so weird?
like the branding or that they would dev their own chip
right id believe either
theyre still a pretty big company

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and mining is fun
rab: no
i lost 25 lbs this summer, i did like no exercise
but it doesnt matter, it helped then and it was there when i needed it
and mining is fun
well yeah you dick with hardware 24/7

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but like, you go to sleep and wake up and your shit is 30% down
and big money is getting into it, so exchanges are having manipulation issue
shrug, you can move coin to coinbase and payout to paypal pretty much instantly
right and i sold almost 1BTC to help move up here for school, at 1/8 the value
shrug, how it goes, is why its worth $
its cool
i dont pay for power in this place
and landlords piss me off
so i should be mining something
it just seems like the right thing to do
anyway, i think mining is driving gpu efficiency
its like racing, improves the breed

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the cards sold used for more than i bought them used
sculptor: no
during the bump like 3 or 4 years ago, you couldnt even make much mining btc
sculptor: you can mine eth for way more than power, tho
but they are scheduled to switch to proof of stake soon
the trick is making more than youre trading fee
its like interest
instead of mining
thats not an issue if you hold your shit local
well, a lot less of an issue
but almost all thefts are web wallets
if you get fucked on an exchange thats your fault for gambling
i fuck around on exchanges with a few dollars
if youre really consistent its possible to make a few % on each trade because shit is super volatile normally

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i wouldnt expect redundancy in a consumer unit
in a straightforward, affordable design, if there is a system failure i wouldnt expect it to bypass it somehow
if you blow an internal fuse instead of engage some active protection shit, might as well be failure
i trust apc to not start fires
like, my gut doesnt, but thats a paranoia thing
and my guess is trip lite sell way less
so not hearing as many issues makes sense
i wouldnt trust anything i could buy at amazon
i got 1mbtc
im up
by end of the year ill be able to afford a lunch
rab: i made a few hundred buying/mining/selling cards this summer

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rab: really?
rab: yeah ive considered that, but i still feel like ive seen way to many people complain about issues
rab: theyre reoverable tho?
like, are they flipping a breaker or do they just blow up inside
anyway, this only reinforces the paranoia
i wouldnt trust any consumer devices
thats nice
yeah that seems like an actual system failure tho
not a protection thing

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UPS scare me
consumer ones seem unreliable enough that depending on them medium-term seems dangerous
plus bigass battery bank near a wall
the fire issue is kind of paranoid, but the unreliability thing seems real
ive never heard anyone be like MY APC SAVED MY ASS, but tons of people complaining about them not working or dying
also maybe reinforces bad habits, like not sacing the shit out of your shit or setting up autosaves

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just you did it for less EM interference, ultra pro

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anyway, torsion bar axles are weird
springs, axle, anto roll bar? naaw, well to just it all with a twisty bar

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and they have a super adjustable link setup, sexy ball joint stuff
but on shamans midlife crisis, like, less racecar, more road car gadgets, the adjustable link is replaced with a hydraulic actuator
so you can have full adfdustable swaybar and even active suspension if they work assymetrically
whatever they work!
just with a twisty bar, tho
haha, some old non-independent rear cars have this axel tube that is sprung
so the axle is the anti roll bar
oh huh i guess
yeah because the coils twist
i mean not really its just like, infinity bending springs
that bend diff on the inner and outer radius
yeah but you could model it either way

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so you can use more power when you have more grip and so youre into the power band when you shift into 2nd
or you can just spool up the wheels, hold the revs until the wheels start gripping, and then shift to 2nd
its not the fastest way to do it
my tc had enough torque you could bump it into 1st low revs, not so much slip
and then just floor it until you felt wheels start to squeek
like most arcade 3d game ever
maybe not, hydraulic actuated systems kind of normal in cars now
like, we were looking at porsche gt3 suspension, specifically the anti-sway bars

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blackmoon: thats not so crazy
a lot of cars are setup to do around 60mph towards redline in 2nd
performance cars definitely because it helps with 0-60 mph marketing spec
anyway most cars will shift out of 1st right after launch because you have to modulate power to keep from spinning your wheels
right like 35 mph
its on the high side but its not super crazy
also you maybe only have 4 gears?

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theyre reading crosstalk
thats neat but reading data off parallel signal lines or grounds is pretty application specific
like i dont think they would be able to make a usb flash size thing that does that on any port
this is like dont parallel your net data cables and power cables levels of paranoia

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