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so was like, 4 or 5 expected warts, and this cardboard oragami shit
eh its a lot better than smoking it
we dont know what electronics shirt you have
i want to make a bootleg natsemi hoodie
with the N logo
i would wear that
would not work wear anything with a 555

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shrug, it was for electronic spec eval
tho i told other tech it maybe has thermal issues wont show up, was his problem
was impressed they actually made a little cardboard case instead of throwing in a little box with some crumpled paper
they were diff warts, we didnt have a specific size
'we need this amps, this volts, what you got?' [receive box of random in mail]

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tubaman_: the hakko website?
big clive would call a china wallwart a death adapter?
big clive would not like the cardboard and tape cased one we got as an engineering sample once
'hey boss cases for this one late' 'eh, ship it'

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jero32: i dont remeber the details, but that seems like an accurate evaluation

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jero32: i dont remember what the flash is, and my flash doesnt seem to work and i dont really want it to
dutchc64: im about to freebase marijuanas
first time in maybe a month :O
fuck melatonin

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took hakko forever to update their site
wayback machine is like fuck off
with a site that didnt involve flash of a robot in a retro future city

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heh, its been like that for so long
they probably realize theyre jst and it doesnt matter

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heh, canadia

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