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blackmoon: they were put there to troll, not to commerorate anyone

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thats the thing, theyre almost all from early 1900s during jim crow, or civil rights era

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america needs to kick out all the white people they keep bombing shit and shooting up schools and clinics

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but the corolla was like, whaaaaaaaaaaa
but LA has helicopters
and no buildings to crash into
er, honk at a taxi

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also brooklyn pretty awesome vs manhatten, which is crazy i dont think i need to go there anymore
least was like that 10 years ago but prob not changed so much
its the only urban place feels big to me
its so up
also sometimes down
also tunnels
smells bad in the summer
roads predate standards in civil engineering
busboys on dirtbikes
cops hide there like theyre trying
in LA, undercover is like, cop car painted blue, or champagne late model impala
like, hey cops we kow you are cops
in NYC, undercover cops in corollas, in taxis
myfr tries to cutoffs, honda at a taxi
shit lights up in blue and red and cops holding guns get out stand up
shit was so funny

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macgyver0: edges of the big cities #1
like, bay area nonsense stops at big sur, which is <3, LA stops at topanga and/or leo carillo
tacoma is pretty spread out, slow compared to seattle
oh, LA also stops at gaviota

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