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1080 is prob new 720

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my shit is like 4 years old i think
720 saves a lot, like maybe $50-100
not enough vert px for a monitor tho

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its the latency between what you see, what you do in response, and what you see next
right so if its bad its maybe just annoying like a slow computer
wouldnt be a bad idea to check thats its way lower than 100ms
like, above 100ms you prob start to feel drunk heh

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40" i guess
30ms lag
usable, kinda fast for a tv but def a tv
aerith_gx: input to display response time
like, you can delay media playback to match video latency if you have seperate speakers
but if its above 50ms, youll start to have issues with fast games
like, racing you can predict and compensate
but something like a multiplayer FPS, or fighting game, 50ms+ of latency gonna effect performance
right im saying if you game its not a audio issue you can fix

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eh fuck off brand shit
i just want a tv to be a multi source monitor
i dont setup eth or wifi, i dont open the apps
i want that and low latency
ideally next tv, oled
because thats the only tv since i was a little little kid made me stop and go 'woah'
eh no you just look at sites that test and go for specific models
seems to be semi random combination of hardware and firmware, who knows, but lots of brands in lots of sizes in random combos were low
its obvious not a big design priority as long as its under like 50ms

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labview and ladder logic are worse
id rather learn the shit in python but whatever they dont pay the textbook company
i doubt mine is 30 lbs
should really go rescue that from the pawn shop
vizios are high value
thats a bit sad
how you gonna buy a non smart tv now?
cheap ones are cheap
i bought mine based on latency specs and connector outs and reviews
shit comes with a bunch of apps ive never used, shrug
i dont care
i used the remote maybe three times a month
i can computer, why do i give fuck all what comes loaded on the tv

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holy fuck, academic matlab is $500 plus $200 per module
oh there seems to be some sort of $99 total matlab+simulink+controls scam
shrug, its a commercial solution that works

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yeah, just straight shanks

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its a mill
and yeah pretty much everything to big
except some single insert endmills
10 years ago there was barely even those, was all quote only from tool makers

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3/8" shank
photographer could invest in a rag wtf
another place has single insert round endmills
might be able to get 2" reach out of it, would be awesome
yeah because taig ER16 spindle is only up to 3/8"
so facing wide or deep takes forever
yeah i had to buy upgraded ER headstock
dunno wtf i did with the old headstock, last i remember was in a box like 8 years ago

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omg omg
taig flycutter so cute
ordered one
smaller than expected, as expected, so looks much nicer than pic

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but 'buy them all' is like $400 worth of books used
prob like $1500 new
and im borderline starving over summer break
or, i can just get from lib genesis
and devalue the entire market
which im okay with because its a fucking scam
RIAA/MPAA got nothing on the textbook mfkrs
they aint even collecting IPs from torrents and sending warnings to ISP, they dont care, they still make too much money
yeah i hate that shit
but them using shitty web based software at $100 per student per semester is lame
CS department will use google docs and similar shit
science department like, here register here and here, pay this and this, get this textbook, lab manual in CASH here
but lab manuals average like $15 here

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fuckin textbook scam
$70 for homework access w/o etext
$12 for related web based multiple choice/survey
so $82 and i still have to steal the PDF
my guess is the etext is some web locked non PDF proprietary reader bullshit
so like $130 and you either dont have access to book after semester, or you have to use the shit reader software forever
nice, non-scanned PDF version
selectable text, non lossy graphics, complete table of contents
eh fuck that who has money for physical copies
also you have to carry that shit around
notebooks, laptop + charger and coffee weight enough without 20 extra lbs of books
sure it would be great

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i had a focus in the bay area, the dual clutch behavior at low speeds was weird, but right it didnt have the ford steering and suspension jankiness
that was the car i found out the new bridge is cash only
so ya fuck the bay area i hope it gets earthquaked all to shit and everyone leaves
bitches dont understand FREEway like as in beer, they can get fucked
worse traffic than LA with way more bottlenecks

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shrug, cheaper than car
so is zipcar, tho
i like sharing without having to see anyone else ever
plus they got a civic now so i dont have to drive that fuckin fiesta
people need to stfu about auto manufacturing jobs, its pretty clear that ford has had literal monkeys putting together their front ends since the 90s, not people

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oh shit i get MSDN now
says not office, but windows and other software
also normal SW license, w00t

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sell them
turn them, into a betting game
put 4 in parallel and in series with a power re3sistor and throw across mains
extra comma, hmm

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powdered aluminum dont fuck around

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