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or to minimize some sort of active or alternate cooling

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prob not, im not sure this has even happened outside of theory based on published specs, or some lab test, or what
i dont think there was an accident
the coolers might actually be more for fuel preheating

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The A350's hydraulic fluid cooling system is located inside its fuel tanks.
i dont think thats a very good idea
because the fuel is probably conducting the heat to the skin of the plane or just dissipates the heat into a very large liquid volume
or ya, no better place
and its not a bad idea, if its a mil jet
this is civilians on constant duty machinery
just guessing, but that might just mean the cooling system is in the wings, and they might be in the wings because that the best place to put heat
right, if the system heats up

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rab: does it boom?
what is nascar about this
heh ya this vid too short
rab: bike cart boss says to just build up a bike and take it before police auction

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holy fuck, $120 and they kick back $80 like, WERE BROKEN WE WONT COLLECT ON PENDING CHARGE PROMISE K TRY THIS PAY AGAIN wtf
they say external server issue but im like, i got no servers involved in this, these all your servers fuck off with that shit

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thats a brake controller on top?
jezus fuck harness

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