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fi.google has been working out awesome
a lot of $30 bills
when i blow through my data cap, they end up being like $40

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its cool well be their cheap labor in a few years
they build citys for manufacturing

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worst case, you get fucked on your credit score
kevtris: US fab setup costs are insane
if you are not a $50M sales company, it doesnt make a ton of sense
dx^: exactly
same with machine shops

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transfer to secondary bank account, trasfer from there to coinbase
buy BTC
or eth
because some banks may not be cool with it
because your web wallet may be hacked
bbl, installinating gpu

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one more class and i can sleep forever for two days \o/
two days death is okay
i have new gpu and got elite dangerous on sale
i will have fun this deathening
its like vendetta, except w/o the early 2000s gfx
whatever amd needs to charge to be successful, expect them to fuck that up
they didnt fix ati drivers, they put their own broke ass shit on top of the driver
amd can get fucked
nvidia drivers are a lot friendlier
also new nvidia gpu can mine, sometimes better than amd, so they've lost that edge
who mines btc?
that shits been dead for like 6 years
as far as gpu mining
i am holding a mbtc
by end of the year, i will be able to buy a lunch
there money in alt coins and eth
for a long time
shrug, get on it now
megacorp CEO are hping it
get a coin base account a secondary bank account

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sidemill finish on my machine is sexy as fuck

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blackmoon: right so i figure like, .020 radius and .002 to .005 cuts, depth and feed, prob comes out as nice as an endmill finish
figure out depth i need so it doesnt chatter

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i for one welcome dx^ as our new fortran77 expert
blackmoon: i should prob grind a radius into lefthand bit for fly cutter?
like at least .005-.020 radius

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