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the patch has val kilmer instead of roddy piper

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rab: http://thehill.com/policy/defense/348099-mattis-to-us-troops-hold-the-line-until-our-country-gets-back-to-respecting
1:30 in
like, i got problems with how we use the military, but theyre mostly okay people

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so were up to like $80

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sculptor: because it works and it doesnt have normal skateboard drawbacks
shits pretty fast too
what does 22x10-10 mean in gokart tires
The first number indicates the height or diameter of the tire, the second number indicates the width of the tire and the third number indicates the rim size.
thats a big fuckin tire

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like $25 worth of aluminum
wonder how much gokart wheels are

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id rather do bike
boards are defeated by 1" step cracks in concrete
couple of these at school
look pretty neat

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and do motor controller with adjustable torque and fixed speed control
so like, do motor with throttle style control and apply brakes and throw weights onto pulley setup
do same with the fixed speed control
plot flywheel speed and motor current

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in the name of MAD, gotta prove your shit works
rab: oh and north korea launched some little ballistic missiles
we better make guam a state
we wont, but we should
i need an industrial controls project
i was thinking like, mini kiln with two temp zones
or some sort of coffee bean tumbler/roaster with convection heating
or, prob the easiest, some sort of motor and brake setup, and some pulley shit

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russia basically lives in a 50 year cuban missile crisis
if russia tac nukes ukraine, we prob wont send up stretgic nukes
if we tac nuke iran, russia might send up strategic nukes
i dont think the strategic missile and bomber systems will work very well
they prob argue over if the other side is even more clueless and broken regarding readiness
shits fuckin old, they never use it, hardly ever test shit
like, great the test circuits work
the first thing we do with an earthlike planet is build weapons factories there to blow the entire thing up

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no i mean cost to the economy
savings you spend on other gov shit
but a reduction in contracts will hurt whats left of american domestic manufacturing
mil and medical is all we do
and medical is worldwide
no one does mil like we do
the scale and the technology is like a generation ahead
anyway, china is lynchpin, trump pissing them off
oh and russia doesnt want to get invaded ever again
winter or summer
so that mindset means their view of nuclear deterrance is diff
they see a widescale conventional war on the same continent as enough to launch nukes
america is like, not gonna nuke unless we see nukes
because obviously were not so worried about invasion
well thats the issue i guess
deterrance is a variable concept, and needs a lot of communication to work
and we dont talk so much anymore
and we both working on anti missile systems and little nukes

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and there is new emails about a 3rd attempt to setup meetings with russian gov related types
okay if she won for a lot of people there would still be issues to fight against
like, the mil stuff happening now could have gone down same udner hillary
her and trump honestly not too diff
but like, economy would have remained status quo
and we prob wouldnt be dealing with race riots
were going to be bombing iran
i think thats a when not if
its more likely than NK
iran will fuck up nuclear deterrence with russia
weapons will happen
maybe new cold war
maybe someone tac nukes and russia is like fuck this and takes out half of everything
cant get invaded in the winter if you blow up the world
i mean honestly someone should do a study
what the economic cost of reducing our mil precense would be
it probably kills off whats left of our domestic manufacturing

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seb gorka was one of bannons breitbart fucks
he wrote about national security and was brought on as an advisor
his dad belong to a nazi associated group in hungary, and seb swore some like long nazi sympathizer oath, or who knows
guys an ass, 'muslims are the evil go amerikkka'
so last night hes like 'i resigned'
and white house is like 'no he didnt resign but hes gone now'
so general kelly almost in control
its that little kushner brat next
naw man i think its the mil
kelly and mattis
itll probably be pence, eventually
and 2018 elections decide the fate of the human race, shrug
if we even get to vote again
also manaforts PR and lobbying connection got raided by fbi

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like they dont care about shit except sending mfkrs to wars so they can sell weapons systems
they said it wouldnt matter
we spend an order of magnitude more on viagra
trump tweeted that he talked to mil and they were banning transgenders, who knows maybe a month or two ago
all branches of mil are like, yo wtf he didnt talk to us and we have no formal guidelines to impliment this
so ya, all our transgender troops are welcome and we got their back, because team, family, its the mil cmon
theyve been serving like a year
there are prob more issues with pregnancy and sexual assaults
right a lot of mil who are talking about it are like, we dont care if they like wearing dresses as long as they shoot straight
so he formalized the ban and the guidelines last night
forcing the mil to do who knows
naw now its open
ya kinda
bathroom laws to prevent shit that is already illegal
and then

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ya who knows
courts will prob be all over it next couple weeks
sure, its constitutional law and not very well defined
blackmoon: there was a sheriff in az who was like, crazy asshole, kept prisoner in tens in desert, called them concentration camps at one point
ignored a court order to stop racial profiling, so they held him in contempt, which maybe carries jail time, anyway trump pardoned him
and then
obama said he would study transgenders in mil
rand corp did the study, rand corp is as industrial military complex as it gets

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yeah stuff got crunchy where it hit land
hopefully chills out and leaves eck0 and all the oil rigs alone
sounds like houston is lot of flooding already
wait when was last time you checked news?
do you know about gorka fired / trans mil ban defined / arpaio pardon?

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rab: are you ok?!
okay well dont do that dream
rab: you should move to california, we dont have these

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