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omg now rab is russian nazi
or possibly korean nazi

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but you could spin manderian as a citrus pres joke
omg mean
the_gfr|w: are you a nazi
dx^: clever
sculptor wins
people are diff
these are kittens!
people must protect all kittens
you must kittenproof your barn
because you are a people.
they are people too

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i dont have much sympathy for people whose kids get fucked up by their pitbull
dogs get confused easy
like, golden retriever bit my sister, needed stitched, because sister was playing with dogs girl
if a golden retreiver is dangerous, anything is
naw itll sleep on your grave waiting for you to come back
because fucking dogs
cats are same
eat a baloon, $2500 balooon extraction
get in a fight, $900 to treat abcess
or string
like those things they tie newspapers with?
plastic twisted thing?
kill your cat unless you pay the vet mad moneys
single payer vets now!
pet healthcare is a right
for cat citizens
not for dogs tho

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oh man
i miss having kittens
also cats
mine too =(
i cannot afford cat
oh, liver
that sucks
if you are bad to a cat it will probably leave
thats neat
dogs will just try and love you more
cat fren = tru fren
because you kicked HIM

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