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there was exhange students last night at the show
and they came over to talk and i asked if he followed formula one
and he talked for a few second about it, thenes hes like, 'MOTOGP? ME, MOTOGP'
im like ya fuck ya! and hes like ROSSI YAAAAAA he was italian not great english
my boss and his assistant look all confused im like, 'european racing happens at 5am in america'
motogp seems a little better than f1, but both seem locked into long term tv deals that are fucking their potential streaming audience
not paying $100/mo for cable just to watch f1

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i wonder if if an amateur endurance race would allow battery switches in the pits
oh no
that guy is like massa, been going so long, still so fast, you almost want the guy to retire
i think anyone who suggested it to him would get punched
maybe by the priests
i dont want to talk about schumie
i really didnt like him as a driver
i guess motocross accident
sponsors gonna be pissed
i guess they all do it tho?
right because theyre almost drift racing

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what does that mean
i hope nicoberg tries to manage an FE team
i dont think he would be very good, but i think it would be fun to watch him try
looks like all the factory money moving from endurance racing to formula e
they need to sort battery life, so they can do real tracks
i want to see electrics doing 200+mph at monza and spa
car swaps are embarassing
two pit mechanics, for seatbelts, wtf

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ya fuck america
nurse for 10 years and former olympian

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sculptor: probably every major industry has a midas

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theyre just dual meanwell style rails with an app note AB mosfet output
guitar geeks love them because theyve never heard a flat amp before
anyway bbl

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so they bought midas, and made behringher x32, which is basically a midas 32 input, 8 bus out, plus maybe 8 main outs, DSP gates/compressors/eq on everything, bunch of effects inserts
theyre selling a ton of x32
people are super happy with them for a few years
ive played with them like half dozen times, pretty easy
kbbl engineering ethics class
civil engineers are srs biz
crown and qsc, get what works for your specs and budget
if not, that behringher inuke shit seems to be okay
if you can afford it, get matrix amps

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rab: school has midas digital mixing board
its like x32
theres just so much there, decent UI
yeah they made digital mixers
behringer wanted to make digital mixers

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