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dx^: neat
why did you have kids?
ya dont have kids
oh i mean, 'why, did you have kids?'

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under 18650 shrink wrap, over a strip of like nylon weave tape, under masking tape, long board with bunch 0402, some wide 8 pin ssop, a sot23-6 or the slightly smaller version
besides the protected battery, its a latching switch, a motor, and board to connect the external DC supply to the battery and motor
for batteries?
its just currect expressed in a ratio vs capacity

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so i got these clippers
li-ion whals, im like wtf its practically 2020 these will last forever like mains cord whals
nope, two years if that
battery output at 0.002v
looks like it has protection under the heatshrink
i had some whals for like 15 years i dunno what happened to them

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if you put two next to each other its like tiny bees in a race

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but if youre using a switcher IC, and output details all the same except the value of the caps and coil, yes you are very correct
i like to do them between 10 and 20 khz because they will make funny sounds
tho this is prob why you should do them like 40-80 khz if you want to go low and not bug people
coil sound is pretty random, some seem to have sub harmonics because i can hear coils switched at frequencies i cant really hear at (like 18-20khz)

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jero32: and caps
for given ripple
jero32: its related to slew time vs steady state time, its not really the frequency
like, changing output devices and drive circuits jumble all of that up

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wtf no
tubaman_: ^
or VLC
because because besides playing all video, it will also do mp3

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