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you know fuckit
ill just do some linear shit on a belt or chain
i have a bunch of aluminum channel

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if its cook ware, pyrex
but half the time pyrex isnt even boro
way longer than meth has been a huge issue
shrug i have new pyrex shit i like it
it works fine unless you take it from oven temps to cold water
ima take you out with car wind
vroom vroom mfkr

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no one says polyimide
everyone says kapton
this is in an industry that consumes a fuckton of capton
sure they do when they say it
teh form0r is kaptons
or aluminum
every once in awhile they are like fuckit just do steel \
keep crushing the aluminum ones
id rather pay for kapton from some americans contract factory vs random shit from china
sure but everyone still calls it kapton
because thats what it is
why did you come back
i call it lexan about half the time
sometimes i even say plexi so people know wtf im talking about

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ohsixi: the outlines are the routes
if its not in the pcb file, he had them panelize it
so they do the ratbites, maybe the arrangements
headphone wire is magnet wires in a lot of stuff
no dude like 70s
wire wrap era
its made for prototyping and rework, ultra flexible, better than pvc insulation
itll melt back without stripping itself
theres two types of magnet wire, one of them is fucked up to work with
the insulation doesnt come off with solder heat
you have to like scrape it off
naw its great for some stuff
the other type, you just stick in the solder blob
and it kind of strips itself
the ferrits are prob some modular shit

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pendulum angle
rework assemblers have it on their belts like cowboys
ohsixi: either happens
you can panel, and sometimes they will let you get away with it like one pcba
or you just send them bunch pf pcb and they arrange so most fit
ptfe is 200c
ptfe is a lot harder to work with
tougher to strip, not as flexible
but insulation so so sexy, and its always silver tinned
like if you dont have a stripper setup just right itll just slide down the wire
maybe get a curl
its teflon
if you have good strippers or them adjusted right, you can get a really clean strip

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blackmoon: https://www.mcmaster.com/#93235a783/=19ax44k
i think i can put 4 leads of kynar through that
use that to mount the bearings in the pendulum, then put spi hall effect angle sensor,
make a little bracket to float the magnet above the little hall sensor pcba
because two across is only .042
so i make some sort of clip
to go on top of screw
yeah just strip after
naw i think itll be cool
yeah can try that too
anyway i really like this solution
to put the sensor

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few lines of the pid
on a pi thats like flying
on stm32, thats like, gokarts
oh im sure
but i kind of want to keep the pi as vanilla as possible
because stripping shit out gonna break *somethign*
you mean the broadcom
not the lunix
i mean
at that point is it even worth it?
how much fuckin ram do i need for this?
but i have stm32
china f0 and and f4discovery
and its got like, adc
and like, more stuff
zeros are
shit i have one that i only use to check uptime and read man pages
because i threw it in the corner to test long term reliability and forgot about it
naw man
stm32 discovery boards are like, $10-20
cheaper than fuckin arduino
i do too but atmel studio is broken or who knows
works half the time

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but then teacher, like an hour before the proposal is due, is like, GUYS I DIDNT SAY IT BUT YOUR THING HAS TO MOVE, LIKE WITH MOTORS
so like, neat i learned a bunch of pi shit (wtf learning its just linux everything just works like normal)
but ya fuck that this thing not gonna be fast enough for motors
i want to do ~1ms loop
oh shit i didnt even think of using spi h bridge shit
i dont want to be on the exact limits
and actually
its maybe an order of magnitude less
when i was just doing timer compares into nanosleep() for realtime and spraying the timer values, it was like within about 1ms
and maybe just code overhead and tunable
i mean its a whole fucking desktop linux system
so its got half a dozen servers running, full logging and cron systems
and whatever else you want to load into it
and yeah i dont trust 3rd party rtos
i dont have time to debug
i basically want to do like, some spi in and out on a 1ms loop

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you have to use?
you have to pad your shit out to 73
because compiling on 1982 mainframe
parsing takes too long just write it like this everytime k
you can do less than, tho?
c is better than everything
but python is fun
i just try random shit and half the time it works
i feel like javascript is some sort of insult to c
ir kind of makes me angry
ya kinda
so i got a pi slow realtime looping and spi and pwm working and was going to do thermal controller
and had node.js serving up static files with modified data inserted
and was going to setup unix sockets so the c loop could talk to the node server

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25% discount on aereon chairs doesnt help me much
dx^: ive been looking at them used on craigslist for couple years
people sell lots of them when companies go out of business
am i supposed to pay?
and also play
for your game
i hate that
i dont want to blow up bears i like blowing up space ships
just download a book
nobody on the internet knows fortran
but there will prob be lots of old books
its so you can have 5 characters of line index
and a space

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i remember that
the 20 hours rule is pretty retarded
i bet if you were a rich fuck you could get lawyers and fight it
see how that does work
if you are a student, you have to work 20 hours a week to be eligible for food stamps
20 hours in school
should be 40 hours of studying
plus 20 houts of work
so youre at 80 hours
yeah thats how it feels
anyway, either because mexican jew or because ward of court at 18 or because who knows, i am educational opportunity program status
and i guess i get a waiver for the 20 hours
they didnt email about it, they just stick it in the cluttered useless school anouncements page that no one checks
so i starved all summer for nothing
i dont have to
and thats smart

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yeah and research generally doesnt back up what youre saying
we've done this a lot in #cars
youre basically on the imbroken side of things, and that guys views are based on his work as a bill collector
i think he just wanted to kick you
and knew you would be back and your views will still be heard
he was actually possibly giving up his ability to be heard after
because he doesnt know how the bots were setup
so no, it doesnt really prove your point
no wonder you can afford all that smoked salmon
do you grow a corn and get subsidies, too?
man im almost done with food stamp hoops
i dont pay electric bill =\
i have avacados and toast, bitches
k not really i dont have either
dx^: so i found out that i was eligible since last year
because certain student status
like, exempt from 20 hours student work min
blackmoon: naw just half that

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spybert: its keyworks and channel association i think
a lot of the left channels are replacing letters with like, euro encoding versions
and they will monetize
thats not what that really is about
you are better off than if you were in the same situation and a minority
pretty much across the board
anyway, no one says you didnt work hard
but if you were a minority or female, you would have had it harder
not realizing that is basically white privelege
they didnt ban you, nice
im totally happy with my decision to op dx, ha
also the bots seem to work well enough
i have to move that eggdrop to a non inittab server
okay well the average person on welfare not doing as great

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because they were doing that since before computers
yeah shit wasnt secret
hillary is dirt
but trump is useless
youtube blocks dem political shit
everything except cable networks
twitter is pretty open about letting people on
sure they can
no way id use twitter if they did that shit
dx^: ikr
spybert: because preppers prob overlap enough with militia overlap enough with alt-nazis
spybert: i dont really agree but thats likely where it comes from
and any communication platform is a great propaganda platform
newspapers, radio, tv, internet sites, social media

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because we dont think all of the people on the street are bankrolled by political donators?
lots of people fucked up
people shooting at people
armed militia
who called who names?
actually yeah you did
i mean, you basically sound like someone who listens to rush limbaugh casually
instead of actually reading the news people like that are commenting on
shrug, that soros shit is basically his schtick
and alex jones
shrug, republicans are as bad
and the DNC is known shady
not true
unless you want to say all people are bad
russia happened
its going to happen
theres no reason it shouldnt happen
we do it to other countries, we did it to them and boris yeltsin happened
putin hates us for that
russians also have been pushing information warefare tech harder and longer

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if you want to make arguments against crazy fucking liberals, im not interested much
because crazy republicans are worse
2/3 of the country is in the middle
no its both sides
youre not watching enough
or youre watching the wrong sources
you dont think people are that pissed?
on both sides?
about as many
i mean, its maybe like $20 to go have some signs printed
because 2017
and there are tones of homebrew signs
again, what youre saying is true some percent of the time
but its like not the majority of the time and it might not even be significant
to act like its completely organized, on both sides, is ridiculous
also its kept secret?
theres like, antifa and neo-nazo payroll and no one knows about this?
like, people renting out their entire online and a lot of real life time, and no one knows?
wow soros

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you get pulled over for some bullshit
and then they search your car and find some shit and bust you for that
i think this happens all the way up the judicial system
i think detectives just kind of operate under the assumption that this is how shit works
because its a lot easier than getting warrants to meet your quota
were trying
no reason?
california is a net contributor
we put more money in than we get
and were the 8th largest economy in the world
so no, not really
middle america is whats draining funds
kevtris there are fucking nazi/kk parties in the street
this isnt insignificant
theres lots of evidence
like, trump may not go down, but its pretty clear people are prob going to end up in prison
kev is youre marching with people waving nazi flags and wearing klan hoods, its okay for people to call you a anzi

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after a certain point, all the lawyer can do really is tell you youre fucked
i mean anything like this a lawyer should get you off
what is parallel construction
also yeah
what blackmoon said
most people will just plead to lower charges
because they dont have time or money to fight
i mean that should be illegal
but it wouldnt matter anyway
they would just do it and lie
i dont think its always illegal here
right this is a known thing, its not like theories
but i dont think there have been major prosecutions for it
or major policy changes
i think its just accepted of how law enforcement works
right you basically use what you find to build a case
or what some other agency found
instead of using the case to get permission to find the stuff
i mean honestly, in most of america, for like half of everyone, this is just normal interaction with law enforcement
pfft illegal

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either way, youre acting as a contactor for the fbi, effectively
is it wrong? ya sure
but nothing is going to change much
theyll just use best buy less
blackmoon: ha
because youre not really working as a contactor
youre just being a citizen
and its not your place to decide if they are right or wrong
thats up to the courts
same with status of ruining lives
i think there is problems with just trusting a tech at his word
because obviously they know how to frame someone
shrug, if youre not paying taxes youre not paying taxes
right is my problem with it
that would be difficult to control
anyway, the law is dumb at tech
very dumb
nothing logical we are bringing up matters
kevtris: not necessarily
if theyve done it before enough ways, the precedents are there
and now youre into full hearings and appeals
which is $$$
kevtris: no i mean about a lawyer getting you off

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like kaspersky is supposedly decent, shrug
regardless, they sponsor ferrari
so you fuck with them and you might have the tifosi to deal with
prob legal
prob in the tos when you agree to service work
no doubt, but thats basically their job
and gov controls havent worked wellin ever
if its not illegal for them to look at your files, i dont think it would be illegal for the fbi to use them
no diff than if they found something and called the fbi up to collect a reward

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the bearings are sticking together
yeah weird i think the inner flat surfaces are just that flat
fuckin weird
dont feel any adhesives or anything
i can rub the bearingas together and hold by the top one and the bottom one doesnt fall
maybe they are magnetized?
i know the grind them, still impressive
its a tiny ring or contact

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omg spinny forev0r
i have bunch of skateboard bearings for 10 years i havent used
yeah thats what im going to do
like my bottom brackets
which i still manage to splode because fatty
what is .312
5/16 i guess
oh the shields have a metal band
thats why hard to pull up
theyre just seals actually
these have metal inside the plastic
supposedly these are the ceramic ones

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blackmoon: ya
damn popping the seals off these scateboard bearings kind of a bitch but def worth it

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i need a small asian woman to kung fu my back

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naw that annoying guy is back
i cant even remember his name
its not unit41, thats tecan

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right but they rest on the key
like, this is trying to bounce them but hitting them with enough force
so right before all pins engage

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wiggle, hammer, same deal
get the tumbers to move and try and get them stuck with sideways friction
well id imagine so to get the tumbers to jump
what so its magic?
do you hammer just once or keep tapping until it works?
sure if youre lucky
but if not, the side pressure is whats holding tumblers while you try and jump the others up
this is just fast enough it gets them to jump

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anyway if you want to loot during a disaster, you just kick doors in
after the earthquake, we didnt even have to do that
most of the doors in yellow/red tagged buildings were left open
heh, we just jacked the exit signs from an apartment building
signs seems to have lots of value in junior high

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its acute psychoactivity is so low, shit feels like it could be placebo
the only thing i know for sure is i dont care about thc if i have cbd, it doesnt help too much with sleep like thc does, but it helps a lot with the side effects of not sleeping
like, 3 weeks of just cbd, lack of sleep was annoying but doable, soon as cbd ran out, felt like normal insomenia
i dont know how that works
i think its just use as a lockpick, wiggle and get the tumblers stuck with side friction, shrug

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the issue with this is sizing the motor to be able to push its own batteries with enough left over to slew the pendulum
and itself
the mass will prob make the thing a bit more stable, even if lower absolute performance
cbd is a trip

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no way im buying shit from ali express
i dont have 10 weeks to wait, i dont want to roll dice on functionality
and im prob not going to use a slip ring
or use nothing
maybe some wireless uart shit
just mount controller and batteries to the disk
the slip rings look annoying because i either have to build a huge bearing around them, or use them as the bearing, which sounds bad
can try
i dont really need to be able to tune it on the fly if it works

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because its going to be rotating
i dont want to use relative encoders, either
yeah basically
i have to build it onto the platform or figure out a rotating coupler
not fall
the disc rotates to keep the pendulum from falling
if done well, you sould be able to punch the pendul around and have it react and right it

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sculptor: i would have to do flow sensor
fuck all that
he responded, he likes the inverted pendulum on a disk
im maybe just going to model it like a pendulum on an infinite linear actuator
and i dont want to use pots, because reliability and friction, so i maybe go with hall sensors
like, one sensor for angle delta, and two sensors for polarity
and yeah, fuck a pi i just stm32 it
just do a usb UI to change PID values

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i just track pendulum angle and pwm motor in right direction
i wanted to do a speed controller
and demo it with diff loads and friction
have speed and output pwm monitored
fuckit, inverted pendulum

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have to think of a project proposal in 10 minutes
he always does this
'project should have one degree of control/feedback'
so i pick thermal project
'i dont think you guys understand the project. it has to move'
he suggest position tracking a motor when i suggested speed control
which seems too easy
thats two degrees
maybe just do single inverted pendulum on a disc edge
he likes those
sculptor: great movie
i dont have to track disk rpm
i dont

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damn, cant do thermal project

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pull a bunch of shit from the earth, reconfigure it, move it around a bit, put it back into the dirt
meh, class, bbl

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what we say would maybe be as significant to them as smoke coming from a factory to us
just some biproduct
rab: and yeah thats basically how i see eveything
that we could be as concious on both a cellular level and a societal level without knowing it
or just killing us
basically, if we encounter a system, we may not be able to communicate with it because it may not see each of us as something to communicate with
like, it would try and talk to our society or our bio mass as a whole
possibly successfully, shrug
its also possible that cultures actively communicate with each other in some what we could never really understand
rab: right
like, we do a lot of stuff that appears to net zero anything

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shrug, i dont think i really believe in 'life'
i believe in systems and i think conciousness is a particle level thing
i think other squishy dna based 'life' is maybe unlikely
but i think encountering systems which fight for self preservation is likely
because random shit happens
i dont think that means we exist in other places
i think it means there are likely other complex systems at our level of scale
like, what if we encounter a species that has no concept of multicellular conciousness
like alien meets us and tries to communicate with our cells instead of paying attention to what we say

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thats a subjective answer rab
that has nothing to do with facts
thats about ROI, which means different things for diff people
all of society and civilization is detrimental to human existence
progress will be had, and consequences will be dealt with, and we wont even stop until were all dead
because we make things
we write shit down, and we make things
and that is the root of all problems, or solutions, shrug
plateau means having some metric so judge ourselves by
again, subjective, somewhat meaningless except to ourselves
there is no metric
people dont want to die and they dont want their friends and family to die and they want things to be easier while they are alive
we want to know about space, so we make things and go to space

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you just have to support people trying to fix the problem
energy technology happens
there more money in renewables, so its the future
no just on all the roofs, like france
over a lot of parking lots
not true
its not as effective
but it still works
and there is hydroelectric and wind
and there will be biofuelds soon
real shit, not that ethanol crap
if battery tech has a breakthru a lot of problems go away
algae and bacteria growing fuel is not crazy
rab: yeah but do you like your gps and internet enabled life?
or knowing that your are protected from nukes by lasers and bb cannons?
since the 80s
its too effective not to do it, you cant hit warheads on the way down
dx^: i think we prob have every generation of energy weapons sitting up there

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because earth is pretty much used up
were going to end up living in space and mining earth and the moon
dunno my a/c worked fine
shrug, the EPA is evil, too, right?
we should just let industry spray chems all over heavily populated areas
we should just take the govs word that the nuclear meltdown was just a little one and everything is perfectly safe up in the hills
macgyver0 your views come from people in industry who are just trying to continue making money how they made money before
its not any more complicated than that

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how about not live in the fucking snow
or in hurricane zones
do you listen to limbaugh?
macgyver0: okay so lets start by killing you
you will volunteer, right?
you know the problem and want to make things better, right?
so die
and help
instead of wishing death on others
just to maintain your standard of living
which is based on labor and pollution in other countries
except that research doesnt really support that, macgyver0
and its kind of minor compared to the billions in the world living in poverty
yes he said that
which is why i responded that he probably has issues with scale
not the solid boosters i dont think
anyway, we had an azone layer problem
people said it couldnt be us
that changes wouldnt help
that it was just a california scam
and we stopped using certain propellants and refridgerants
and omg shit got better
macgyver0: you realize if youre right, and we cant stop climate change...
nasa is like our only hope

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in georgia, we felt like all the black guys were like 'who are these west coast fucks'
and we still felt more comfortable around them than the white guys
i think you have issues with scale macgyver0
a shuttle launch prob doesnt even amount to a single day of LA traffic
we fixed the ozone layer
and we fixed kid killing smog in LA
both of these things refute your arguments
thats not my experience, shrug
side load washers tend to wash better with less water, this is something people using laundromats have known for years
get your sheets stuck

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cant even drive from LA to jalama
heh, slot cars

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300km prob barely enough to get up the coast
'fast charging' in like 30 minutes is a joke
holy shit youve had it that long
damn, time is a thing
shrug, no idea
they dont want to pull that much current from the grid at once?
ah, that does make sense
so you can get to a tesla charger and it might tell you to fuckoff for a few hours?
this is a toy for rich fucks who dont go anywhere

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eh generating electricity is not cheap
and storing electricity is heavy
and you dont expend fuel as its used
its a bad medium for energy storage
our society is built on electricity, but chemical energy storage and release kills electricity
electric cars may be fucking our evironment more
just because of the resources to make the shit, plus gasoline is incredibly energy dense
we should be putting much more resource into biological production of petrol fuel
basically, we should develop gasoline bacteria
and make factories for gas like giant petri dishes
theyre not viable
theyre for rich fucks who can afford alternatives
you cant refuel an EV in a reasonable amount of time
the solution is battery changes, but no one wants to deal with the infrastructure mess

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what o.O, the shuttle was an economic failure that was run with issue for too long until it killed more people and they decided to stop the insanity
nasa in congress talking about the technical issue of the shuttle was basically like 'according to our data the thing should blow up every time but it doesnt so we just flag those sensors and keep going because fuckit, america
it was supposed to be a cheap multirole alternative to rockets
it failed
it was a PR project
american companies working together to make the most advanced spaceship on earth
yes, regular fucking rockets
sculptor: serious, then maybe wed put some money into useful tech
right its spec is based on military sat delivery
it was compromised for every role it was applied to
space station is the same
it was supposed to make money as a research platform
i think just the international one
and its only partly ours
we should have built a space station for research, and just lifted shit with standard rockets

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pretty sure they have lockheed working on sats and probably mechs
anyway, shuttle put rocket back like 30 years
*rocket tech

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this is why the space shuttle was fucking retarded

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also stm32 cubemx/HAL pretty easy to get shit going without doing much research
have not looked at any manuals, mostly just going off keil tooltips
like, do what makes sense, usually works, if doesnt, try something else, probably works

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like, if i didnt have 15 year of using the lunix, pi would prob feel like this black hole of wtmf
right if you dont have a linux background, it would be so much more than arduino to learn
if you do have a linux background, its doesnt even feel like learning
its just normal operation of a computer

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ssh in, and its like using any other lunix server
dont have to fuck with ide, either, just vim and gcc it
it doesnt even feel like embedded linux systems ive worked on
it just feels like a full blown linux desktop
yeah its actually fine for a desktop, thats usually how i test them out
plug in power usb, plug into hdmi on the tv i use as monitor, pop in a logitech usb keyboard donger
and then ill usually end up using it for like 30 minutes or few hours because to lazy to switch the hdmi
i need to get another hdmi cable
and yeah, the problems feel like linux problems
not processor specific embedded problems
like, solutions are normal linux solutions, majority of the time rtfm works

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but setting up some buttons to dump parameters into a unix socket seems easy enough
yeah bluetooth on android is another option
but i like the browser thing because its as cross platform as it gets
using javascript really makes me miss using c
like, functionally speaking, stm32 + usb ic would prob be most reliable
but the instructor likes pis and arduinos, i kind of want to see how crap pis are, and no fucking way im going to touch an arduino if i can avoid it
i really dont like when people say arduino and raspi together like theyre the same fucking thing
timecop: i thought about it
but i actually like using the pi a lot

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and i have spi running at slowest clock
UI is just cake, its a controls class
the PID part seems crazy simple, i already threw some code together, its a few lines
worst case, i use the IDE as a UI and have fixed PID and set temp parameters
but realtime monitoring and control of the realtime loop from a browser would be cool
i got node.js to serve up a mostly static file and replace data for a chart
it doesnt seem to load down the pi very much
but i think the easiest UI is prob just touchscreen
i dont want to spend the $40 or whatever, tho
also web coding seems like a useful thing, even if its shitty to me compared to embedded
yeah thats basically how it feels

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yeah no OC
im doing heat control project and a 1 sec realtime loop
yeah sd is only like 10mb/s
for now im pretty happy i can turn a knob on the stm32 and adjust pwm out on the pi
wiringPi seems okay, getting spi and pwm up just worked
and clock_gettime() and nanosleep() for the realtime loop seems to be about ms accurate, i got it spraying uptime commands, load is usually like 0.00 or 0.01
macgyver0: right its just for testing the libs
final solution, im prob just going to have a pair of spi thermocouple amps
no uC, just pi
two channel of thermocouple, two channels of hardware pwm

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so i got a $3 stm32 pushing adc values to raspi3 running a 1 second realtime loop, which stick the adc value into a pwm register
and it works
if i give up on the web server control and monitoring, im practically done
web coding kind of sucks
maybe i try something bluetooth
lazy solution would be to just buy a touchscreen and do the UI in xorg
shrug done care
its for class project
and for data logging, i might do a usb flash
so next i think i have to figure out either db or unix sockets so web app can talk to c app

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no im just pointing out youre wrong
you probably dont like vaccines either
same crowd
what youre going on about is some shit people on oprah spread to society
its about as scientific as herba mate having a isomer of caffeine called metteine
its just caffeine
dx^: would work perfect with ranchera steaks
there is no inside to undercook
ranchera steak volume is like 100% surface

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eh microwaves cook food fine
theyre just like stoves and ovens
if you run the shit at max power and go for fastest cook time, shit prob not going to turn out great
if you use lower power, use methods to trap steam to cook so it doesnt dry shit out, microwave is just heat like anything else
heat violent vibrates molecules
thats literally what heat is
people been using microwave for 30+ years
like i said
if you dont max the shit out, and use dont dry shit out, it doesnt ruin the taste of food
most of the time, it tastes the same
for example, broccoli
if you steam it or nuke it in a covered container with a bit of water
or just cover with wet papertowell
shit is the same
so do i, shrug
the metalic heated pot heats the molecules
joellama: like 95% of my cooking is in an iron skillet
youre stuck in mid 00's hippy rumor science
'microwaves destroy all the nutrients'
which i believe research has debunked
and like i said, taste when you dont dry shit out or just overcook it is the same
chicken breasts in the microwave come out same as chicken breasts in oven

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