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jero32: in general american jews arent trying to make life harder for anyone
a lot ore ww2 refuges or they fled before the war (thats where i come from)
isreali jews are a lot like american jews, but theyre in like permanent PTSD mode

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so besides the rabbi on the kawasaki ninja, and the sexy cantor, judaism didnt do much for me
its a neat culture, shrug
jero32: right its not really like that
most practicing jews
its like christianity
you go to church, you maybe do your sabbath thing
a lot of families, its basically a weekly family dinner, and they dont eat together otherwise
and jew's shit isnt translated
they have that over the xtians
rab: heh cool
jero32: jews are kind of like mexicans, they can party
so they have excuses to get together and do crazy things
see i would never order that
because matzo ball soup, matzo brei
at american diner, you gotta go for chicken fried steak
then you pick breakfast or dinner sides

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ham and cheese crossaint is non-jew win
you have to make sure they dont heat it up a second time tho
it like flattens the croissant =(
yeah nothing as american as drive all night, hit the diner at 4am
can swap drive all night w/ party all night
jero32: my mom did
and the jew woman we kind of mean to her
so i can be like fuck jews without being anti semetic, because mean to my mom
yeah so im not a jew to the hardcore jews
'so are you jewish?' 'half' 'if you mom jewish?' - every jew ever
jero32: honestly if i wanted to participate no one would stop me
and if i played the part i would get along fine at most temples
but jewish woman can be cliquey
and i never bought into religion

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dill pickles?
rab: right its eastern european
matzo and challah are like mid east jewish
i think bagels are from NY
jero32: i like dill pickles, i dont like sweet pickles
if bagels are just okay you havent had good bagels
you prob had that shit thats like a dense version of an english muffin
except for the ones that smash you in that face
i can get 4 day olds for $1
you pop em in the toaster oven at 350 for like 5 minutes, before cutting them, and theyre like new

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matzo brei is great, too
its like al dente scambled eggs
no thats pretty jewish
thats like, jewish deli as fuck
was it >4" tall?
but 6" pastrami sandwiches are
bagels and lox, tall pastrami or roast beef, mazto balls and mazo brei, glass case with cakes and cookies
and yeah they get crowded so they usually have some sort of crowd control and seating system
if i had to pick, jewish vs italian deli, id probably go with the jewish deli

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dx^: hey fuck you man
jews were mean to my mom, but they make the best bread
bagels + challah + matzo, it makes up for everything
i think that one made sense
eggsalad: is it too late for bagels

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