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rab: bike minus front derailleur works great
kind of
the rear wheel i ganked for it had a cassette with some sort of mega range low gear that the chain doesnt want to hop up onto but whatever not trying to climb verticle hills

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pair of tires
school subsidized =D
tubes are $3 and we chart $7 to install them
controls class is neat but im tired

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rab: complete bike
so like, i drop front derailleur, replace the cables for rear derailler, get new brake lever and brake noodle and shift lever
and maybe makes pretty good cummute bike
i already replaced brake cables
maybe needs a new chain, i stole this off somethjing random and shorted it, maybe couple links too much
i got two tires at bike cart rates, so like $32, brake and shifty bits prob get it up to around $80 or $90
im considering tubes and cables used part of my training
bike cart training: 'shrug, you can google how to do that'

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ha neat

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heh, i am like WHAT IS THIS TECHNICAL NAME FOR THIS BIKE PART its brake noodle
rab: i got some used to shit GT mountain bike frame w/ random spring fork and kinda fucked shimano drivetrain
its aluminum tho
frame a bit too big, gonna smash my balls for sure
gonna delete the front derailleur

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i think its $100 worth of retail motor, a $20 skateboard dek, $10 in bumper plastic, about $10 in aluminum channel, $60 worth of battery and control
i dont know i think under the deck
the wood skateboard platform
i dont really like skateboards
the wheels are too small theyre defeated by 1/2" step cracks
prob half inch gap cracks too
but the one wheel kind of solves that

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i want to make stroganoff
i have never done this, i must do this
also i should try pastichio again
also elite dangerous is like, less sucky vendetta, its perfect
kind of yeah
i thought about doing a one wheel thing
few kids have them at school
ive never really wanted a skateboard until that
'its $1500

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