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isnt easy EDA some fab house locked product?
not even worth considering

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rs274d had an external aperture file, or just had to use what was included in the photoplotter, rs274x includes the apperture definitions in the CAM file
rs274 is spec for normal cnc gcode
rab: right but i think they might be referencing the tool table and translating the coordinates and tool sizes
it wouldnt be hard but id worry about someone swapping a drill size or who knows
i dont know if i trust that
outlines arent really standard
board houses will take gerbers of the dimension layer, for eagle, or a PDF, or an autocad file
my guess is their software will convert a lot of stuff
bottom silk and top silk?
that maybe explains your layer drc errors

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and excellon drill
some board houses will work with gerber drill files if you give them the tooling file that goes with it, but excellon is standard, and it includes tool sizes
also gerber to excellon might not be fully automated on their side so maybe a chance for mistakes or delays
jero32: gerber is standard cnc files with apperture shapes instead of tools

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export gerbers
view in another application
like rab says, this is what the board house sees

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renderings in this one way sexy
neat @ mag conveyor

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can use finer media for nicer finishes tho
ive seen smaller systems with sand

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was some monster that took up two racks taller than me, and the thing ate fuses
i would quote maybe half a dozen vibration system companies just to see what ballpark is
prob some shop somewhere refurbs them
1000w sounds like a benchtop dealie
my uneducated guess is amps are between $1000-5000
oh man
i want one of those so bad

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rab: heh
maybe some car amps in parallel
5x 200W 1 ohm
right the shaker setup at the guitar shop did not use audio amps

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rab: wait so you mean its proven 3d printing tech that still outperforms 100k FDM machines?

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