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kittensclaw tips are like micron range

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so the iFucks cant pair their headphones by scratching their neck with their phone like me
those broke =(
the housings seperated at the seam
i should be using my sony bluetooth things
i stop because they dont work well with collars on jackets, so really i could have been using them for the last 6 months

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ya fuck giving that company money
is 7 the new one?
making 6 the new piece of shit, which was previously the greatest piece of technology in the known galaxy
oh, 7 is the piece of shit
so 7 generations of shit and a new one thats biting on google design

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im surprised its not already a conference product
scanning bar codes on name badges is typical
it cant do it?
like, its not included or it just sucks so bad it might as well not be?
heh, i almost never use nfc and when i do it just works
guys why does everyone act like new iphone is revolutionary?
it has facial recognition, so what
even if done well, thats not revolutionary thats like, last years hype
and also people are like IT HAS NO BUTTON
neither did my galaxy nexus like 5 years ago
or my nexus 5, or 5x
ya that makes sense
technology that works so well its almost transparent?
lets make our own
so they just lock out normal nfc?

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the_gfr|w: kindle with velcro on the back?
dunno if they have nfc
prob not

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