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fuckit i just use this and a 6A continuous spi full h bridge

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The core is 8x 7628 prepreg measuring 59 mil (+/- 5 mil) in thickness. The 1oz copper is 1.4 mil in thickness. For impedance control, it is safe to use 62 mil (0.062"). Dk (1 MHz) = 4.6 Hope this helps.
By Paramount USA
heh, 10 mil thickness tolerance zone

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blackmoon: oh huh that makes sense

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you know thats fucked some assembly line somewhere at some point
naw they gotta test that shit
tho yeah i guess if fully automated with no physical polarity feedback, gets shipped
maybe special order
so yeah i guess in a lot of smaller countries, distros will get uncharged bulk
the thing is almost all modern production lines have safeguards for that
diff people on manufacturing and test
is literally what modern production line theory is about, you dont want artisans who can do the entire job from A to Z
but seems like an automation mistake could happen
just because of the shape of large SLA, seems easy to get shit backwards while loading/unloading

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shit little turnigy charger i have wont charge low batteries
which is good because turns out i completely killed a couple
didnt even work
like i can get V up to normal but they drain themselves out
do it enough times and it happens slower, but theyre pretty much over
i just thought it was cool, like WTF CHAREGER YOU DEAD? OH, NO YOU DONT WANT TO DIE, K COOL
i left one on a little TC amp module for a week and shit was like 0v
i dont need it because i will be responsible and unplug it after using it for 2 minutes!
and right i didnt realize when i connected
thought charger was dead
then i dmm'd the battery, was like, neat charger <3 me
i have tile floor tho, i just throw the charger and battery on the ground when im using it

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i dont think its dangerous if you keep current reasonable
but the chance of dangerous connections seems like close to 100% in the case of uninformed users
are they breaking? wiki article on the spec doesnt say, i dont think
like, it seems easy to get them into a resistive mode
it blow up?
shit worked. phenolic holder?
phenolic seems excellent in majority of protected wtf situations, if youre not around to inhale it
ah, yeah i worry less about those catching fire
yeah but how much will burnt out carbon flare up if nothing else to ignite?
tho yeah i get that it can fuck things downstream
yeah phenolic is maybe worse tho
anything with epoxy matrix

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damn so we just get fucked by the secondary path
eels be pushing mad current!
half an amp
so theyre not shorting out half of the output amp
and TRS is likely cheaper than TS nowadays
in qty
TS is mostly use for wtf power connections and primitive signals
feels like rolling dice plugging the shit in
quick charge yo
they were running DC through an IEC?
that should be illegal
iec is actually crazy cheap for a high current mains connector
like half of standard neutrik powercon (non-breaking mains current) and maybe 1/5 neutrik true1 powercon (breaking mains current)
those twist lock, tho

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i dont know enough about the details, but supposedly state courts is the workaround
damn like just enough to kill if youre super unlucky
looks like just one for a little decoation incadescent
what about || resistance of salt water?
or maybe its series?
i dont know much about an eels return path
flood the tubes with freshwater
i guess 200V is in salt water?
i wonder what an eels idle current is
wtf @ holes
that needs to be a diaphragm

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i dont think its going to work out great for arpaio
if it does, we likely have bigger problems to deal with
i think non asshole republicans, like true conservatives, reagon type dicks, are finally coming to terms with consequences of standing by for the wins with all the dog whistling
like, i know people who arent complete douchebags, but i dont have that much more respect for them because they basically supported complete douche bags to win
right i think vacating the conviction is a baby blanket for moderate conservatives
it doesnt serve any functional purpose outside of PR
and i think its an intentional gamble,because they know this PR isn't great
the states thing is interesting

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a pardon that mitigates a punishment that does not exist is not functional
i think that depends on the wording of the pardon actually
yes thats exactly what it is
it does not undo a conviction, it undoes the sentence
and they are asking her to undo the conviction, because if she doesnt, the sentence wont happen anyway
there are precedents that swing both ways
and doesnt seem like there is anything legal that can make her do it
well they cant, as the pardon is specific to things related to the case, iirc
the first thing i said is basically pointing out the paradox
that if she vacates the sentence, the pardon doesnt apply to anything, so shes not bound by it
i dont think i ever cared much
but fleshing out the details a bit has been fun

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put another way, i think its funny she is basically saying, 'but i dont want to, why should i?'
she has the choice between effectively taking the pardon out of existence at their request, or not vacating the conviction and letting the pardon happen

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her agreeing to the request would effectively nullify the pardon, it wouldnt apply to anything
she would be letting him off as a courtesy, not the pardon
sure it does
if she lets him off, the pardon literally doesnt do anything
you dont sound like a dick, you just sound like you disagree
i mean, the situation is rather paradoxical, stating the situation doesnt completely make sense for a reason

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you have to be punished for the punishment to be mitigates
basically they want her to erase the judgement because he was pardoned, but the pardon doesnt erase the judgement
so basically it would be a nice thing for her to do but there doesnt seem to be anything legal saying she has to, and the case they cited maybe says she shouldnt
he wants to be able to run for office and say that the ruling was overturned
as is, just a pardon, if he runs, people can call him a racist asjudged by the court, and if he denies it, people can legit call him a liar
which is going to split non-asshole replicans

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17:23:33 < Sculptor> my 5yo nephew knows all the planets by heart, and that the earth is not flat
but does he know all the dinosaurs?!
love this. you want me to honor the pardon for being racist scum? well you have to actually be racist scum or the padron does not apply

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blackmoon: i get two half bridges and just PWM one of them it should be cool, no?
like, basically use one for direction, pwm the other one, match polarity to top

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