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the app is an awesome calc

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im not there yet
learn to deal with life without enough sleep
its going to happen

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yes thats pretty standard
like half the schematics ive dealy with at work like that, saves a character, shrug
it fits more often

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yeah you have to solve them for i2
then make them equal to get i1 and i3
i havent done this shit in like a year+
but my first instinct is i2 doesnt really exist in this problem
you can replace all intance of it with i1 - i3, im pretty sure
maybe i3 - i1 but i think i1 and i2 are same direction loop
so basically you get your two loop equations with i3's and i1's, solve for one and sub into other or matrix math it or whatever it is you do
you can solve those equations, then to get i2, you just sub i3 from i1
im pretty sure this is mesh current analysis

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jero32: post schematic?
redraw it

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so i figure i balance the load with the battery
this is all alot of drama maybe i should just use a lsipring
like $40 for a shitty looking one, splodes at 250rpm
yeah so this is another one of those classes theyre like DO IT WITH MATHLAB
and its like, yo you never taught us mechatrons how to mathlab

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no i figured it out, and remathed the equation so it gives me an rpm from mass and radial torque
im just saying
if i balance the load
so like, i got some bearing and bolt and Al block 4" from the shaft, radially
and i put batter on the opposite side, roughly same moment on the shaft
its all axial load, right?
like, i can position shit on the beam on opposite sides to reduce radial loads
because i want to go faster
fuck this 0.1kg 100mm 120rpm shit
i want like 0.2kg, 150mm, 300rpm
if its not perfectly balanced i destroy all nearby squishy thing?
and then i put speed holes in all the things

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if i got him to admit that he was only doing it so that would know how to deal with model files, id be cool with it
dx^: i have a spinny motor, its spinning itself and some other shit attached to its mount
so shaft is rigid mounted reference
it has radial load space
like, if i balance the stuff mounted to the spinny motor platform, im fine as long as i dont exceed axial load, right?
mount a motor in the widhe of some c channel
then mount the d shaft to rigid non moving thing
no its not about motor electrical load
the driver will chopper drive it at stall at like 1/3 its stall current

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like, irl opamps are too slow to destroy the universe or something
there is an instructor at school that tells students industry doesnt use schematic capture
so like, he has EE students doing final projects with text netlists, editing them by hand
im like, what an asshole
like what slice of which industry is that hell a reality
we would sit in meetings and like, cut and paste linear circuits to figure out some rework shit before lunch
this guy would be like, 3 days of notepad
i would get burn out just thinking of new numbers to name my netlists

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it wont do some types of oscillators, and if its some transient state thing, like startup, you have to try really hard to match conditions to maybe get a correlating output
lt spice is great for simulating isolated sections of circuits
like, you want to see the biased and divided voltages of some 3 transistor diff input
anything beyond that, unless its opamp feedback based, i dont give much thought to ltspice output
like it works as often as it doesnt
opamp shit you can do like 100 stages in spiace and shit will match real life
except for certain osillators, in some cases because the math involved a divide by zero, which breaks compoot0r but irl most opamps slew the other way

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irrigation nazis
with hitler hoses
30ft is the final solution

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and then in montreal beavers get on the track
holy shit 8 DNF
they were like, HOLY FUCK RAIN AT NIGHT, they were right
and danny ric did not win
god i wish that fuck would retire to be serena williams ball boy already

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arrivebenne looked pretty pissed
ive never been very into cycling
i think ricciardo won
i woke up and he was doing an interview super happy, and he was only one had a chance against hamilton when i fell sleep
singapore happens in nature
even in the city
there was some kimodo dragon looking thing on the track last year
it tried to eat verstappen

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two AA
would they last longer than that?
maybe latched
but then it could get stuck open
sculptor: i fell asleep
i saw the start
vettel and kimi got some splaining to do

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drip system?
rab: neat, above ground?
seems like there are lazy throw down some hose options, to like underground sprinkler style shit
they dont mention batteries anywhere

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The flavour is a mixture of peach, citrus and mild mango.
thats why
thats why everyone thinks ripe jalapenos are green
you should be due for a good one
bugs ate our plum tree
when i was a kid, was pretty pissed
dunno, maybe termites

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rab: it grows in sac
thats kind of where it starts, so probably itll deal with 100F
if it gets into chain link youll have to burn it off
whats loquat
i bet the bugs <3 you

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im in a california college town, and my county votes red
it didnt seem to matter as much 3 years ago
prob like 1/3 total area is agriculture
my friend had a garden, he got rats storming in from the power lines
never seen rats in the valley
usually just possums
oh look its a kitten lets pet the kitten OMG FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
you dont grow blackberries you have a struggle with them
yeah in the pac nw that shit is like grass
wtf thornless
what will protect the bunnies?

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yeah that too
i dont want to die
that might be for reasons besides nutrition
like they didnt grow up in a concentration camp for cows
i was thinking more the pee and poop smell
its like a mist in the air so it would get all over the meat during processing
dx^: there are two ways up california, the 5 (up central valley) and the 101 (up coast)
101 is longer by few hours but has awesome beach drives
5 has literal oceans of cows
rolling landscapes of cows
you cvould walk a mile on top of cows and never see the poo mud underneat
well there are areas like that on the coast
but its not like, cow auschwitz
its like, acres of rolling hills, 20 cows
dx^: thats on the coast

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you dont know?
theyre the problem
is that good?
if milk has any sort of unique flavor i am disgusted
i need spec cows
but i am against factory farms
its like, the milk problem
we need a final cow solution
right thats how most food was
thats how single origin coffee is
and tea
if its good it can be really good, but also the opposite, somtimes just funky

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dx^: psycho realms is a soros funded project
yeah its like a big lizard they died in the 80s
i think your government is not so creative
born György Schwartz
eatern european leaders and white supremacists blaming a guy named schwartz?
gtfo never happen

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