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like prob $30k in crowd funded money, all on burritos and a few $k in diy makr shop stuff
good burritos tho, little truck pulls up by the check cash place
and his idea was decent
synth: thats not going to work out
hopefully i wake up before that physics homework is due
online homework is goofy

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i should study and homework
but like, school bike school school sweaty bike shop
you almost deservedthat one
someone needs to invent something thats like a nap + coffee at once
timecop: guy who tried to sell my part of his company instead of paying money gave up

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omg dont feed the troll
i dont even know wtf that means
no seriously i dont give a fuck about computers until about 3 weeks before i have to build a new one
oh, so basically go for the non-k, gotcha
i dont even know what my clock speed is
so obviously its enough
i think i have four of them
cpu are the only thing im not cant-upgrade-because-obsolete paranoid about
like ram this time im like, fuckit 32gb
because ill wait 2 years to upgrade and theyll be up to like ddr9
i dont know what i paid i just know i didnt want to pay later

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you should have something to write with ready
this might take awhile
k go tc
its a super general question
sorry i havent been paying attention, are you trying to sell a broken tv?
do you like learning and doing electronics?
synth: was a couple weeks, i think hes gone now
what is RGH
might have been tho i think he was actually another problem
the hack known as jtag
timecop: be nice
if you sucveeded how come you have to do it like a doxzen times?

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omg so much taking bikes apart
isnt silly backlight trash a feature bullet point?
this sounds like shit no one talk to you for unless >100 units

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