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i dont think it works like that
i think they all have to go dead if you exceed a certain speed
because uhoh ur a warheads

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rab: also ty re link, i kno but im lazy
heh @ 10k spindle wire wrap
do like, dog clutches to drive and stop so it has a noise

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rab: oshit i keep meaning to ask you for that

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fuckin jameco
thats a horrible link

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rab: they give board dimensions but not mount hole dims
very dissapoint

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its more of a collector/hobby thing than a tool
can get really reliable 90s stuff but its prob going to be >$100
like, old TDS happen for under $200 on ebay
those are tektronix digital storage scopes
prob a fucked up encoder knob or scratchy offset pot or something, i wouldnt expect it to be perfect
like, you can get 90s tektronix shit for about the same price as new crappy china shit

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like a 3 year old rigol may have less issues than a 25 year old tek TDS scope
basically if you have to ask if an analog is okay, it isnt for you
someone who if really comfortable with scopes might be able to make it work, but they kind of suck at most modern stuff
and make it work might be just getting it to single shot at the right time, and remembering the image it puts up once before fading in a few sec
if you are quick you can snap a pic with your phone heh
old storage scopes can be really cool but theyre not reliable in general, old scopes
like, ones that do a persistent phosphorus thing and some sort of analog storage, ones with vector display modes that draw digital storage stuff with the analog trace

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you prob want to avoid those
if youre going to get an analog, you want an tektronix or HP scope, and most of those are going to have issues
honestly they will all have issues but a lot will be usable
and those will mostly go for like $50-100 if theyre usable
i mean you can get lucky, or get one with issues you dont care about
but analog scopes are really only good for repetitive analog signals
you usually want a signal generator with an analog scope, to test what something does to the signal
or you can use them to like see how a supply line powers up, assuming its always the same
anyway, you can get analog/digital hybrid stuff from the 70s, or early digital scopes from the 80s and 90s, or you can just buy something newer and chinese
for under $300
newer stuff is going to be more reliable

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looks similar to MIT setup, this guy not embarassed to show his cable
i dont know what that is
i googled, im guessing yes
you prob want multiple channels or multiple cycles to establish some reference for the phase
like if there is some clock signal you can hook onto
anyway the problem with analog scopes is that they will turn a rapidly changing signal to fuze even if you can trigger on the pattern
with a DSO, you can capture single sweeps
i really like old teks, but for debugging stuff youre a lot better off with a cheap shit DSO than a crazy fast analog scope
timecop: help this guy
wake up
shrug, $200

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its a controls project so having a dumb pwm controller and the motor working linear down to stall is good for that part
and with 25A fuse, only thing should die is the motor if it gets stuck
prob take awhile
so like, bunch of the inverted pendulum images ive seen, to see how they handle the rotating coupler for the angle sensor
they just dont
theres a connector with nothing attached, like when they use it they have to have it hang and make sure it doesnt twist until bad things
looks like a din
MIT is same shit
they couple the shaft to a long bar inside a tube supported by roller bearings on both ends, which is cool i guess but its still damped by the sensor bearings
there is no slipring solution

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i went through most of it couple days ago i dont remember seeing anything
id i do an IC, ill get protection in almost every case i looked at, but with this motor it might spend a ton of time chopping
these guys got really good english for chinese stuff
and seems kind of useful for quick/dirty stuff as long as i dont blow it up
yeah it has a pwm generator
i guess you can throw some pots and a switch for speed and dir

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or i can do a bridge IC, but those seem to mostly top out at under 10A, few exceptions
but i kind of want to just stick that shit on a 3S lipo and call it done
63mA fused battery voltage sense line to the controller
ive read a lot about that
excellent troll
we totally did it with the isrealis
infect the world to try and find a few PLC is pretty hardcore
it has rev polarity protection
so it will only save my as if im really, really dumb

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rab: the hack seems to be getting the malware on the cameras
i guess it seems kind of silly because if you can manage that, there was prob some easier way to get there data out of the network
but i guess this would be hard to notice
well, malware wherever
i dont think this has any kind of protection
that, plus 20A stall gearmotor, 25A slow fuse in a 30A holder, 30A 30V relay module (i think its one of those sanwa dealies)

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rab: is this just hijacking IR comm hardware?
i thought they were somehow getting passive data hooks with some sort of IR emissions
i feel like they just proved that IR hardware does indeed work
tecan: have you tried the bulk energizer industrial from digikey?
iirc they were cheap compared to grocery store
actually i should put those on the order
also i rented zipcar for shopping at 10:30 but i am hungry right meow

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ha, wasnt sure if loctite 222 for small parts would work well on a 3/8-16 because says just up to 1/4"
3/8-16 is one of their test conditions for torque specs

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