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rab: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/will-judge-overturn-arpaio-pardon/
so ya, looks like the courts prob get to decide if they want to give someone else their power

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dx^: i am not engineer until next year

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like, all of the other bike cart mechanics rock out to country music

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honestly, in academics, even the conservatives are pretty liberal
on like a national scale of things
prob because like, actually educated
my guess is it was a specific case, but i wouldnt be surprised if thats how the convo swung
DACA came up
and this a red county despite california
and mostly people didnt want to talk, and some girl was like, i think its because financial shit
so i said i dont think its legal or financial i think its mostly just racism
like half class kind of nodding to agree, a lot of people looking really annoyed the world was even said
like, wtf fellow kids talk about this shit for 15 minutes and that doesnt even come up?
sick of being broke, sick of this rural shit, sick of being 4 hours from the beach

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yeah this more general
and its a civil coarse
like so far, iraq/afghanistan contracts, enron markets and energy companies
honestly its hard for me to give a shit about anything, looks like most of my financial aid isnt happening until semester is more than half over
that sounds neat
im taking a technology in lit
but looks like were doing like, tech in the 50s and 60s
no cyberpunker shit

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like, its the same shit as 25 years ago, sure we can hit heat blobs on the ground with high accuracy, we just suck at knowing who the heat blobs actually are

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i have engineering ethics class
we write lots of 1 page memos
whatever the fuck a memo is, i should pick up my graded papers to see if ive figured it out
this week we have to write about, engineering and war
like, fuckin cmon
weapons = security = human basics checklist, plus we want o make shit and weapons = $$$
teacher basically called me a sparty pants because i was like, drone footage is basically 90s gulf war footage, except now there is several seconds latency between the pilot and whats happening
and not robots, tho weve been running robot drone weapons since cruise missles

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prob too much truthiness
they hate that, its not team play
got deadlines, bitches
beat around the bush, wtf around, going around takes time, just go through the bush they are not very dense

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maybe its for the FM trap
i dont know what that is tho

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right all the projectile weapon stuff ive read about seems to involve like, clouds of debris
like, shit is going so fast ifr you score any hits chances are shit is destroyed
but like, a missile in N america is not going to hit a falling warhead from asia
nk doesnt really have an inland so chances are we can hit most shit going up, but we havent with several NK ballistic test firings
which seems odd if the systems work
i think in general, they work much better than they used to, but still arent 100%
missing would be so bad

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laser weapons didnt work because of issues with atmosphere
they did laser cannons on transport planes, they could blow shit up but range wasnt great
and then i guess the other space thing is tons of small projectiles at very high speed
like, i guess on the order that you prob fuck up a ton of non military satellites, but fuckit nuclear war
i think icbm descent is borderline impossible

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dx^: that sounds like it might work!
and missile based anti-missile systems cant hit ballistic missile warheads on the way down
as far as i know, nothing can
you have to hit them on the way up, or in space
dx^: fun!
thats when theyre going slowest and theyre big
the warheads are much smaller, and theyre basically falling from space, very fast
defence systems in space make a lot of sense in a practical sense

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between that and the strategic systems pretty much being untested prototype systems, i dont think we are going to blow up the entire world all at once
it would be nice to see a movie or read a book where a first strike and counterstrike just goes all sorts of wrong
dx^: eastern europe as a convenient target?

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i bet space defence is tested, too
prob both, prob multiple gens
so yeah, weapons in space, and small secret nukes

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MAD works so far
its a coordinated bluff, except we stopped coordinating as much since like 10-20 years ago
when we got bored w/ cold war and started doing weapons contracts for mideast wars
oh man
if we knock down something that is actually in space heading for n america
we are in so much trouble
america got some splaining to do
like, that could kickoff a big war

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anyway, nuclear war is bad for the status quo
but russia aint betting on winter anymore
pretty sure they are sick of getting wiped out in conventional wars as much as we are afraid of a nuclear war
i dont think 3 sides changes much because there have always been third parties with nukes
tac nukes and limited nuclear war changes shit
probably a lot of the strategic systems dont really work anyway so we prob wouldnt even do blowing up the world right
i guess

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rab: why?
w/ reagon there was mad comm w/ the russians
so besides both sides putting missile defence in space, deterrence was effective because both sides actually knew what that meant
we dont talk anymore, w/ basically same level or arms and readiness
meh, fuck romney care
least cali got my back if i need to emergency room for something
kind of gave up at getting actual care short of that
was pretty much same when i had fancy health insurance through jobs
every time id try and use it, id get mailbox full of letters from insurance like they dont want to pay
like, dicks im not the doctor i dont really decide i just go, okay
sculptor: in a lot of practical terms its already happened

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thats what i do with the module
one more set of connections than there needs to be

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maybe melts the snap together case and warps =(
wtf 'your package will arrive on sunday'

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fix with syringe and epoxy
sometimes moms are neat

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right its like, feature overshoot
the annoying shit is id rather have the modules w/ microusb or usb-b
so i could use normal cables
yeah nice, looks okay
it has pins for all that shit, i was using DTR signals for last thing

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so many this
pl2303 drivers seem spotty on newer windows
i guess zt232 is level conversion
kinda spendy

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i should watch flight of the intruder, i bet its bad
someone brought up solarbabies few days ago
for ftdi stuff?
whats wrong with the si labs stuff?
my $2 module totally just worked
yeah fuck that drama, none of my prolific shit seems to work right anymore

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and we make target clays out of walnuts
sure but we want a powered compressor
i spent 5 minutes watching some naval labs weapons recruiting propaganda in controls class yesterday, i think ethical conflicts are okay
mostly i was surprised by how not-explody the weapons tracking on radio antennas were
just smash up the directional antenna elements and gimbals

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maybe i will just look for one of those
so like something to do with gearmotor after semester project
and i work as bike mechanic and we mostly sit around
so kind of something to do, doesnt matter if it works or not
future boredom
so wondering if i can just back drive a two stroke motor and put pressure sensor on exhaust
that doesnt sound fun
that sounds like work to make people do work, this is a sneaky trick
and right thats what i instantly thought so not a huge creative challenge
school would prob pay for that because we are all about sustainability
like we dont have industrial tech dep, we have sustainable manufacturing dep

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guys where do i get a little motor for nothing to turn into compressor
lawnmower seems to big, i need a burnt out weedwacker or chainsaw or something
no i mean like the actual compressor
or can you get little ones without motors?
no i will have a motor
i want to make a compressor, with like a little set pressure shutoff controller
and air compressor without motors seems to stop at like few hp, minimum
i guess so but that seems less free than trying to drive some two stroke shit
bike tires
so medium-light scale
i need coffee

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ya i def wouldnt ride with that on a bike
someone would steal it if i left one on frame
derailleurs are janky, im not sure theyre worth the trouble
its flat here

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its got a battery, its prob slow
small, motor
prob takes awhile to charge
heh cool

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sounds like hes got the right stuff

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