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dx^: yeah but texans and californians kind of got this, so american fuck america thing
maybe alaskans too but theres only like 5 of them
canadians are so american theyre a completely diff country

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its so neat when texans are like, non-assholes
like, okay dis important, i put away my freedom-asshole hat

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that seems non functional
like, just get a light
i like how it has big red buttons for the leds to pop out

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because biggest weber
did you scroll down and see pic?

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those stainless ones usually turn to junk after couple years if you keep them outside
ha nice
the hoods seem to warp too
i dont think thats an outside thing, i think thats just a too hot and thin metal thing
thats not cheap

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yeah thats exactly what i would buy
weber meatballs last forever if you dont shatter the porcelain

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i wish i had grill
fuckit i should go buy grill
have a mini bqq on my front rocks

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i have like 2 lbs of skirt steak marinading in powdered chili + lime + garlic salt
i missed sunday $1 tacos =(

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