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tecan: i think a bunch of places are
but right, in general in america and in the world, is a semi organized crime thing
organized enough to keep the shit illegal and unregulated (profitable)

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shit, late

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yeah bike guys explained derailleur hangar to me
i have aluminum frame with copper hanger so shit seems kinda backwards, but whatevers
monday i learned that even cheap pedals have two diff size threads
this bike has gt frame and schwinn spring fork, stem and bars because had to try like 3 frames and 2 forks to get shit with working lengths
yeah who knows i could figure it out if i thought really hard
with wrench on pedal, you turn crank like normal and they come off, both sides

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wed is kind of the worst
rab: newbike seems pretty okay so far, i maybe get casette and rear derailleur for it
normal bike parts are cheap like bmx bike parts but theres a lot more of them =(
they seem semi compatible in many cases
its kind of like pc parts, organized mess that follows some historical timeline

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thats not really how i see it
maybe this crisp guy is the ghey

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