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\o/ (when you think you are very late on bill but you are actually week early)

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rab: bikes are less annoying than cars when they are annoying
like, special wrench plus plastic dead blow fixes most things
if not, apply machine oil, come back 15min later and hammer more, solved

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if this is just about loyalty to a company, then ya i suppose we dont agree, but i am comfortable with that

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eh, if the terms are not good for both sides, there are other jobs
its more an issue for salary than hourly
and it has a lot to do with how organized projects are

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sounds like youve worked with a lot of shit hires
yeah thats never been my problem
thats literally never come up
you must work in a pretty shitty environment
burny: its usually more than just them
seems more normal for like, whole departments to get lazy, heh
burny: yeah one company i left, engineer i worked for was a lazy youtube and forum binging fuck
and his manager would lie to cover for him
they both got canned few months after i left
naw that shits mutual, its a competitive market

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shrug, i got hired 3 times and repeat contracts in supposedly shit post crash economy
so like, get hired was not an issue wasn i wasnt middle of no where and school full time
ive never had anything to do with race ever come up in interview processes
its like you have to make up personal shit about my life for your argument to go something
that some interesting trolling gpf
actually i do
i dont make the decision but ive interviews bunch of people
i mean, everyplace ive worked everyone works their asses off
so like, what youre saying doesnt make a lot of sense

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behaving like me?
i go to work and do a good job
like, in my life?
i dont think ive had very many racism issues in my life
like, im generally not considered mexican by mexicans or whites by white people
but no one is really sure, it never comes up much
both will be racist in front of me sometimes as if im not the other, so i dunno, shrug
burny: kind of yeah
right i have a neat resume
im not sure why you think ive gotten special treatment
its not like that shit is on my resume

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real time, mfkr
too much time =(
thats prob that happiest way
yes because unedited video is such lies
dude i grew up in LA we had huge riot because of race shit
and there was like, a whole civil rights movement
and recently, there have been more nazi and kkk
right those sheep are voting citizens
marching with the kkk and nazis
its a little silly gpf
like, you want to say its not a thing where you work or in your life, thats cool
but in general, american life, its a thing people deal with

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theres some fake news for you
well whats bull
youre saying vice lied?
i am obviously
because i dont agree with you?
you need to analyse what youve just said
but your bubble is the true bubble, correct?
fox news much?
anyway, whats bull about what i said?
i dont obviously
i use a few news agregators and basically get ALL the news

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well maybe you should move someplace that didnt have slaves and didnt segregate until like one and a half generations ago
if this stuff makes you feel all like its on you personally or something
well thats what youre bitching about
ofc, fuck cops
most of the criminal justice and private jail and prizon system, too
are there good cops? sure but theyre mostly doing nothing well fucked up shit goes down
anyway, the military paid the nfl to do the anthem with the soldiers standing
to up recruitment for failing wars
it didnt start until 2009
lol what

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and then...
yeah definitely not trying to make anything of myself
because once i maybe said something you said is racist
or mentioned that the concept of white privilege is like, ya duh
um, actuallt for my demographic background i am doing quite well, thanks!
like im supposed to be a multiple home owner with three wives and $1M in savings or some shit

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i dunno where im from its not a race thing at all so yeah you sound like a crazy person, honestly
was more of an ecnomic and parents thing, i had a lot of friends different races growing up, were were all clueless suburban kids
dude youre calling yourself white trailer trash three times
my best friend in LA is a redneck from florida
like, i dont really have a problem with poor white trash, anymore than poor mexican trash
trashy is trashy
youre employed and definitely educated and experienced, hardly trash, prob not close to desperate, i dont think you are a problem gpf
okay well i know a lot of trash piece of shit mexicans too
whats your point

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no you will have to be more specific
what that i dont have a huge problem with affirmative action?
i mean honestly i think the problem is education more than anything
so its going to get worse
oh the playing card
i guess something related to race
ya sorry i guess race is absolutely not an issue in america
well i dunno man dont be so fucking sensitive about it
yes i am a racist as well
the malaysian grand prix is the weekend
will be an excellent race
yes all white people are bad gpf i decided, you happy?
its an issue, people are going to talk about it, if youre not racist, cool, but its a thing
running with the sarcasm is usually a good bet, you win this one

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but ya you dont seem to complain so much about coworkers, i think youve had a few stories
the gfr is like. everyone i hire is morons!
anyway if someone doesnt work out, you have documented reason for firing them, most of those complaints dont go very far
slinging what shit?
and if i wanted to make nothing of myself there would be much much easier ways than this

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and yeah, getting picked on is not something ive complained about that i know of
oh wait youre gpf i thought you were the other one
the gfr with the pc shop
naw you guys are totally the same
both 3 letters starting with g
so right in your case, educated minority demographic is probably lower
its not the same as urban california

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burny: you dont, shrug
you know how well they interview and what they put on their resume, what refs say
gpf: how many of your other empoyees have you fired for being shitty at their job?
right you seem to complain a lot i think maybe they just all suck and you havent found out about some of them yet
fixing pc for you?
jezus fuck no
id prob be looking for a new job in days
im the guy who did computers in engineering to bypass IT

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thats a straight embarassing situation, something is off, a 'diversity hire' isnt a bad thing
what if the most talented candidate for a job is a minority, or has a minority parent, lets just say theyre from a city on the west coast
and he tours your place, zero women, zero asians, zero black, couple mexicans
right and like 100M other people
that shit dont look right
gpf: this isnt about that
this is about you have two qualified people, why you would hire a minority or a girl
thats not what this is about
so you can argue that but youre not really making a point against anyone
so you employ a lot of women and minorities gpf?

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anyway, trying to claim corporate engineering labs arent sexist is just silly
yes pretty constantly actually, this convo exists outside of this channel
anyway, new manager shows up at a company with problems, he has 100 staff, no women, no black men, two mexicans who get paid way less

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ive worked in multiple companies with $100M+ revenue, most people were cool but there were definitely some openly racist and sexist assholes
sure were pattern recognition engines
we also steal as a matter of instinct
and fight and kill
civility is getting past your more basic animal urges because intelligent social beings with history and detailed communication skills
in general weve trended away from being barbaric assholes
slowly, really fuckin slowly, we see larger and larger groups as 'family', our own kind, whatever
maybe one day we will see whole planet as one big fami9ly have to work together
maybe not, but itll suck for a lot of people until then
well it does
in a fair sense
if youre not talking about average, optimal economic gain comes from destabilizing shit and taking advantage of the fallout

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"just hire based on ability only"
you got a place with hundreds of employees, and like under 10% females and minorities combined, in california, chances are you have some unconcious biases
actually, theyre not unconcious in a lot of parts of california
a lot of cali is rural as fuck
theres no shortage of racist as sexist assholes here
we kind of helped start the brotard frat culture shit
kevtris is right in some cases, but not enough to base any sort of policy on it
and to claim theres no discrimination problems in the workplace is just fucking silly

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