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every version of visual c++ redistributable ever...

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omg there is like ten atmel usb drivers installed

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who needs porn when you can uninstall android studio
also wtf @ matlab wanting 6GB
atmel studio
tho i can prob uninstall android studio too thats a rabbit hole i have no time for anytime soon

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doesnt everything have dual bios now anyway?
also wtf is a recovery partition
sounds like some shit i will regret when theres no porn left to delete

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i dunno man my asus boards have always worked fine maybe everyone is doing something wrong

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maybe all they are doing is subtracting two samples and feeding an accumulator with diff
so not like any real processing time, their limit is prob sample rate, too
blackmoon: aw cute, its like a 90s sitcom ep

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abz is a quadrature counter on AB and a tach on z
thats cool you can do non contact rotary encoder with it
and uvz is three phase out, 120d phase offset
so yeah its just single axis, with a lot of outputs, none of which im going to use
both of those things would be based on relative angle delta values, maybe feeding an oscillator, i dont care about that
like, i want to know its sample rate for the absolute angle data

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i am having e a problems this morning
i think maybe its for stabilization, its a planar angle sensor
like, normal mode spi data pack is a 0-360 12b value and some status bits
and in normal mode all you can do is request data pack or switch to config mode
or maybe it is some 3 output super quadrature shit
there are two sets but i think its so you can set them up with diff count scalars

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maybe thats for its counter outputs?
it has relative outputs that will tick off at a set rate but i am just using absolute angle of spi
so like, i dont care about angle deltas
i guess thats why its weird it doesnt seem to say anything about it, it has a lot of text about the relative counter outputs (they are configurable and i think multi axis, prob really useful to someone)
*over spi
anyway, thats lame if im limited to 3ms sample rates
because i decided 1ms for no real reason
'1000 times a sacond' sounds way cooler in a presentation than 300

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blackmoon: i was expecting bird to go for his ear or nose or poke through his glasses

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k guys i have an magnet angle sensor with spi, on monday
it doesnt seem to list a sample rate
like, there is the spi command and returned data frame + timing paramaters
but it says maximum angle tracking speed 20krpm (333rps)
so do you think that is them saying, yo i cant track angle deltas under 360deg because of a sample rate wall at 330Hz
or they are saying it loses angle tracking ability complately above those speeds
and i can hammer this shit at spi data rates and get valid data
like, my shit is prob between 1-50 rpm

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