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guys i have thermo exam, which is going to suck
but then were doing waves, which so far has been awesome
only part not 100% intuitive is like, changing speeds because medium shifts, because i just do air yo, fuck EM through diff dialectrics i am no wizard
that mfkr in las vegas totally fucked up my sleep

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anything white with silver needles in the name
like if i was going to buy tea, id tell synth white or black, and just buy what he says and maybe buy and random one like i know what im doing
exactly like wine
also i like yerba mate, either from can or from tea bags
because taste like camomile but has caffeine
which is neat
you can also just use a french press if you clean it first
like if you already have that
if i was the rich fucks, id have two, one for coffee and one for tea
and a kitten

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