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someone tried to steals my bike
from bike rack at school while i ate pizza across street, they got like halfway through the cable and tried to bust up the lock, gouged the shank shackle and ripped up plastic covers
so went and bought ulock for $40 =(
i guess these onguard locks are less shitty than kryptonite locks so local place only carries them, youtube seems to agree

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oh mfk
it says mJ but i read it as MJ and fucked it up, 1st thought was 'fuck LTSpice'
oh now i put 15 pW instead of 15 mW and it still says im wrong, NO YOU ARE WRONG wait no im wrong
because im treating J as the rate not W, i should write this down

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k np!

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depending on the circuit you might want to throw some relays in there
maybe look for stuff like that

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i already told you how to ask that question better
we dont know what you mean by beginner IC in the context of you and we dont know what you mean by manage
we also dont know your budget and deadline
controlled by what
you or a machine
attach that to a raspberry pi
if you just need 10 io, you can use a raspberry pi without that
oh thats only 3.3v
so you will need about $2 in transistors
or $2 in hex inverters or line drivers

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but i guess depending on another system to fire the missiles reduced readiness
naw i bets its some waterproof shit actually in the tank
like thermite works underwater bc includes the oxider
seems like its not a catapult, like the steam pops it out of the tube like a rifle

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wonder what the subs use
prob steam catapults
Made by Lockheed Martin, the current Trident II D-5 missile is a squat, blunt-nosed, 44-foot-long cylinder weighing nearly 120,000 pounds. It's fired by a steam cannon. First, an explosive charge flash-vaporizes a tank of water into steam. As the pressure of the expanding steam drives the missile out of its launch tube, it provides enough momentum for the weapon to clear the water's surface.
gotta love the flash vaporize the water tank
well i had guessed they would use the propulsion system steam

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blackmoon: i think i read somewhere its a 150 ton door
like, that whole assembly is prob bigger than it seems from how fast it pops open

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i wonder what hops the missile up before ignition
like its on a vert catapult

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too general
most modern microcontrollers will have that much io
you can prob get some sort of usb logic controller that will do that with clicks in a program
also beginniner needs definition
a beginning with linux skills would be pretty comfortable with a raspberry pi or similar, someone with absolutely no experience might be better with arduino since no linux overhead
and manage could mean you pressing latching switche buttons, or full automation with machine learning

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